1. S

    Chinese Medicine? Gui Pi Wan

    I read how the Chinese see fibromyalgia, disruption of the spleen and heart. Recommends an herbal mix of something called Gui Pi Wan. Anyone used or experienced this?
  2. R

    New w/ too many Questions!

    First off let me just say hello, I'm very glad I found this forum. My fiance has been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; and from what he says and I can see it is rather severe. His condition started several years ago after a car incident which damaged both of his wrists. He has had surgery...
  3. 1sweed

    Stress Relief Diet

    Does anyone remember seeing or trying this diet. It appears to me it could be helpful in more ways then one. What do you think? The Stress Diet Breakfast: 1/2 of a grapefruit 1 Slice Whole-wheat toast 8 oz Skim milk Lunch: 4 oz Broiled Chicken Breast 1 cup steamed Spinach 1 cup Herbal Tea 1...
  4. D


    My husband has recently decided that he is done with the narcotic pain medications that he has been on for years now. This prompted us to start a search for something that will help him deal with the pain but that is a more herbal remedy, we found Kratom. This is from a tree that is related to...
  5. S

    Help! Something is very wrong..I think fibro but not sure.

    Hi all, I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (yet) as my doctors think I'm a total hypochondriac by now. I would love to hear what you all with fibromyalgia think of my symptoms.. For the past few years I've been thinking there were several different things wrong with me but now I'm...
  6. D

    Suggested Treatment

    Hi, I have had Fibro for over 18 years. I have tried many conventional treatments such as NSAIDS, most common prescription pain relievers including Lyrica and I get some relief using Tramadol and anti-depressants like Celexa. I had to stop the NSAID because I developed acute Kidney failure from...
  7. J

    Topical treatments...herbal creams/lotions?

    Last year a friend of mine gave me an ointment that was meant for topical pain relief. Where I live, medical marijuana is legal and it's not hard to get a prescription. The ointment was made from cannabis and I loved it because I could use it during the day without getting high (I have 2...
  8. G

    Cure and treatment in Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic treatments are fast gaining popularity in the contemporary situation. There are many Ayurvedic ventures such as resorts, hospitals, massage centres and spas. Ayurvedic treatments are popular as they provide cure for the disorders of the hectic life. There are specific treatments for...
  9. C

    newbie- advice please

    Hi! I too new to this support group. So, here is my story. I was finally diagnosed this week after a year of seeing just about every specialist there is. For a long time I blamed tension and anxiety for my tense muscles and pain throughout my body. I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome brought...
  10. M

    Herbal remedies

    I've seen posts already for herbal usages,I don't like taking man made medicine,because for every action there is a counter reaction,and I know the there is nothing new,for every ailment on earth God have a remedy that grows out of the earth,but man doesn't want to cure anything cause they...