1. vickythecat

    Remarks from doctors - that hurt real bad

    Hi, After many years of living as a recluse, I finally started going to doctors and getting referrals to see specialists. From the 1st doctor I went to; while in a full blast panic attack, these are the remarks she made; - "you should start working" (yeah because I finished an ivy league...
  2. N

    Kidney Stones....really !

    About six weeks ago I was treated for a kidney infection with antibiotics - lots of pain, ugh. It helped, thought it was over. Spent a good part of yesterday in the ER (darn clinics were all closed for the STAT holiday) - happened on the same doctor I had seen before. An xray later and you can...
  3. vickythecat

    it's too much, just too much....

    I will use this post as therapy...I just have to because I have no other option. 5 weeks ago 2 newly born kittens were left in front of our building. People see that we take care of stray animals, and decide that taking away babies from their mothers and bringing them us is a good idea. (It is...
  4. L

    The dreaded L word!

    Just wanted to vent, maybe make me feel a bit better. So I spent 4 days in a row last week helping hubby in the garden, taking down trees etc & spent all week paying for it. I went into work yesterday & spent 2 hours moving heavy case notes (I work in a hospital Monday to Friday, none of us ever...
  5. Forgetmenot

    My pain level

    I can't stand the pain im in ATM,my legs feel like I've done 100 swats. Can't even touch them,my skin feels awful,my little one like to rub my arm when she's filling to feels like sandpaper, I've even started having pain in my right eye and gums. I've had to up the pain meds. And I no...
  6. Forgetmenot

    Mornings suck

    Lately morning are a nightmare.i hurt so bad,the worse but is going to about 12 o clock before it even eases off, I drives me mad,I'm really trying to lose weight,which I can't do if I can't move. I've tried hot showers ,heat pads ,flexing my arms back,and legs. I wish I could jump out of bed...
  7. T


    How is everybody else handling this holiday crap? I am tired, bitter, angry and so much more. I just don't have the desire to get in the swing of things. I have ordered some gifts online and when they have arrived I just threw them in my spare bedroom where they will stay until I get up the...
  8. H

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted to let you all know I am thinking about you and hope you can enjoy a little of this holiday!
  9. S

    Painful knee.

    Hi everyone, this is my first time so i was hoping for some advice please. I have had pain in my feet and legs for at least four years, but was only diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May this year. I have got terrible pain in my right knee on the left side, and I am really struggling to walk. I...
  10. T

    Lawyer is making me nervous

    Hi all, I have been denied twice for disability so I retained a lawyer last April. When I spoke to him at the initial meeting he told me I would be going to Peoria, Il so I could actually stand before the judge. Well I got a letter this week from my attorney stating that the hearing will be in...
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