1. M

    at wits end knowing what the hell is wrong with me. thx

    Hi everyone, I have been having issues for a while, over 2 years. Not knowing what was wrong, (having crazy hip pain) I went to a chiro last april 2017, he took an xray said My entire pelvic region was inflamed. My bones were fine. So he had me come 3 times a week, for back adjustment, laser...
  2. Tipnatee N

    Oh no I can't speak!! , still can think and typing but can't say anything .

    Is it fibro fog or my vocal cord is not fuction correctly? Usually when it comes to communication ability when it comes to my fibro fog , I usually get slur words, can't complete the sentences, lost vocabularies along with my short terms memories lost or just simply lost the reality all together...
  3. Forgetmenot


    Here in the uk most of our summers are ruined by humidity. Bad enough my already frizzy hair goes like chicken wire,but I was woundering if anyone else suffer more pain on humid I seem to.
  4. M

    fibro flare up

    Hey everyone, I don't come here much but I came back today because I feel like my fibro is flaring up. This past week I was feeling great, up until yesterday that is! I'm a nurse and one of my patients has FM and told me it flares up with humidity.... thoughts? The weather in Melbourne was...
  5. K

    Heat and Fibromyalgia

    Does the heat make anyone's Fibromyalgia worse? I moved to Oregon from Arizona to get away from the heat because it was not only causing me to be in physical pain, but I was so short-tempered and angry all of the time especially when I had to be outside. I would get road rage and I almost got...
  6. trayne91

    I think green tea is helping me with a catch.

    I noticed the last week or so I have been feeling better. My pain level is down from an average 7 to a 2-4. Thinking, the only thing Imhave done different is I started making gallons of sun tea again. I usually make tea on the stove by boiling and use about 4 bags for a gallon. I bought the...
  7. L

    Heat and humidity makes me red and grumpy.

    I'm begging the weather goddess for a rip roaring thunderstorm to clear the air. (I'll live with the migraine.) Walked to our beach with my granddaughter and didn't think I would make it back home. I know weather bothers many of us, but does anyone else have problems with "overheating?" My...
  8. K

    Acclimating to a new climate? Rainy?

    Hello - I have been dealing with FMS for many years now. I have typically lived in a dryer state at a higher altitude. I have been priced out of the city where I lived and now have to find a new home. My mother would like me to live closer to her, but the area where she lives is not going to...
  9. L

    Heat, humidity and headaches

    I am a walking human barometer. Another migraine tonight from air pressure change. Grrrr. So, no good sleep tonight which translates into more pain and fatigue tomorrow. Some days are just hard.
  10. A

    Can FM change the form of a panic attack?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum. I should say that I haven't actually been diagnosed yet with FM but I will be seeing a specialist in May who specializes in it. My symptoms fit fibromyalgia 100% and so far my blood word agrees with this diagnosis. I have a question for you all...