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    Tired of my wife being treated like a criminal

    So today on Sunday we got treated to the fun exercise of trying to get my wifes Hydrocodone script filled that helps with the break-through pain from her Fibro. She has been going down on her does and is on 3 1/2 10Mg Hydrocodone pills a day. She used to be on much higher doses of pain...
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    Hi from Texas

    Hello to all. My name is Donna and I was diagnosed with FM about 3 years ago. What a trip it has been. I lost my mother last year and then went into a 5 month flare. I am experiencing some new symptoms lately and wondering if anyone else it too. 1. Stiffness in shoulders. 2. Crackling...
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    Pain medications with no prescription required

    No Advertising On This Forum. No Medications Sold Here.
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    First Pain Clinic Visit(need advice)

    I was diagnosed with fibro in February 2015. I was also diagnosed with severe anxiety and a couple other things. I currently take Cymbalta 90mg, Flexeril 10mg, Mobic 15mg, and Ambian 10mg. Ambian does not in any way help me sleep. My panic attacks and constant body pain keep me awake no matter...
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    Getting worse!

    :cry::cry: Hi this is my first time ever using a forum of any kind please be kind. I am at my end I was told 5 years ago when I just had minor aches and pains in what they said was pinpoint places by many doctors and after many test it was fibro...I have been in denial... I'm not any longer.. as...
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    Hospital ?

    Has anyone been to the hospital due to their fibromyalgia pain? This week has been horrible for me. I have been in so much pain (all over my whole body) from the neck down. I haven't even been able to shower in 5 days. Sleep has been sporadic. Now I'm getting really emotional (crying). My...
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    Pain Medications

    Hello, My Dr. just put me on hydrocodone 10/325 mg three times a day. Helps greatly, but I'm still in "full body pain". It works great for about 2 hours, then wears off. I was previously prescribed gabapentin which did nothing at all for the pain, so he took me off that and put me on the...
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    What type of pains Pain Meds

    newly diagnosed with FM and Sjogrens and I a taking hydrocodone 10.325 3 to 4 x a day. It doesn't get rid of the pain but takes the edge off. Nothing else seems to give me any relief. Doc even put me on Dilaudid which didn't help the pain at all only made me very dopey. I hate that I have to...
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    Doctor in Dallas area

    Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Dallas/Plano/Allen/McKinney area? Pain management preferred, so I can get some relief. I'm having a hard time convincing my present doctor that I need pain pills (hydrocodone, etc) for my pain. He believes I only need gabapentin. I'm having side...
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    Dr. in DFW area

    Do any of you know a good pain management doctor in the DFW area (specifically McKinney, Plano, Allen would be great, but I'm willing to travel further into Dallas)? My doctor has been great until recently. He has been weaning me off of my hydrocodone that I have been on for a bulging disc in...