1. Tipnatee N

    Chilblains have anyone ever got it?

    I know it's the winter illness but with fibromyalgia I suddenly getting them during summer heat . I'm very puzzling by it. When I was living in New Zealand 20 years ago I was diagnosed with this symptom call Chilblain . Chilblain is a very painful burning itchy red swollen on fingers and toes...
  2. Tipnatee N

    Hypohidrosis ( absent sweating) in fibromyalgia

    One of my symptom in fibro is hypohidrosis , I really can't sweat at all normally. The only time I sweat is during my night sweat caused by sleep anxiety and sleep disturbance. Or just a feeling of sweating because my hair pores are being force opening to release heat on top of my head while...
  3. J

    Reduced sweating (hypohidrosis)

    Hi there Do any of you suffer from reduced sweating? I've had really bad issues with the heat for the past two summers as I just don't sweat anymore (apart from under the arms). Had so many tests it's not funny, and finally my Rheumatologist has confirmed that it's linked to my Fibromyalgia and...