1. Yatte

    My turn to vent.

    I had an absolutely terrible night last night. I went to bed the normal time, as I have a set bedtime routine, which sometimes help with the sleeplessness. I just couldn't fall asleep. Everytime I started drifting off my 22 month old son would wake up with a scream resulting in process sleep...
  2. Yatte

    Alcohol and Fibromyalgia.

    We all like to take a drink sometimes to relax, but with fibro this is not always possible. I like my glass of white wine now and again, but with my IBS it is all that I can drink, other drinks just exaggerate the cramps and bloating. I have a few questions I would like some of your opinions...
  3. A

    so many years I don't know how long

    I have had physical problems for as far back as I can remember ..... as a result have suffered neck pain, (2 surgeries) back pain, many areas. IBS (3 abdominal surgeries) 5 bowel obstructions. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain in most areas of body.
  4. 1sweed

    Improving Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, life can be spent running to the bathroom or sitting in the bathroom trying to go. Or a combination of both. When your at your wits end in trying to figure out the best way to handle the problem and nothing is working, I have provided a few tips to...
  5. C

    Fibro, IBS and Food Allergies

    Hello, I've just joined this forum. I have had FMS, bipolar, IBS and numerous blood problems and food allergies. I've had three very difficult pregnancies and births. If anyone ever wants to talk to me or ask me questions etc., ask me and I'll try and answer anything. You can also find me...
  6. L

    life with having illnesses and fibro

    Hi, im 22 and i find out the ive got Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos 2 yrs ago but ive had pains for 14 yrs that go with fibro, none of the doctors figured out wat i had. I also have Depression, IBS, Hernia, problem with bad cramping, hayfever and allergies, having to much acid in my stomach...
  7. I

    IBS and probiotics

    Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have had terrible problems with IBS. I have been taking a probiotic treatment and have had really good results with it in regards to IBS. Has anyone else had success taking probiotics to help with IBS?
  8. D

    Diagnosed with CFS

    Just introducing myself. Hi I was diagnosed with CFS in 1999, following a couple of years of constant viral infections. I was given various blood tests which all came back negative. My white cells were mapped and found to be working properly in response to each infection, but still new...
  9. G


    Fibromyalgia Hi im new to this site i dont know if im doing this right but i have questions to ask maybe someone could help me out here my doctor told me i had fybromalgia but i dont know if i should trust him i had a car accident 4 years ago i have burning in my muscles in the neck shoulders...