1. K


    Hello, everyone I am a new Member and I am very happy to get acquainted with the people. I urge you to exchange information with people more easily. Thanks
  2. P

    Hi, I'm Peg and I have fibromyalgia

    Hello all, I've been posting on the forum a bit the past couple months, but thought I should make a proper (if very long-winded) introduction. Hi, I'm Peggy, and I have Fibromyalgia and Celiac Disease. I'm in my early thirties and live in Toronto. I work in publishing. I knit a lot. I have a...
  3. N

    New to forum, not so new to fm

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and so very happy to have found it. I am a 40 year old mother of 3. I had been diagnosed over 10 years ago by a rheumatologist; however, my primary had me convinced for years that it was a disease that doctors had made up. That they just came up with a name for...
  4. V

    Introduction - new to forum and diagosed

    I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm 50 years old and have suffered for many years never knowing what was wrong with me and all my mysterious pain. After the long process of working through and finding the right doctors sympathetic to my suffering, despite nearly perfect blood work...
  5. M

    Marcus says Hello

    Hello all ! :razz: Here is my introduction... I was first diagnosed in 1999 by a rheumatologist. Then it went away, and my PCP at that time said if it went away it's not FM Then around +2007 a much worse pain and fatigue would come in cycles or waves. Then by 2010 I had huge pain like I...
  6. S


    :confused: Hi. I am new to this support group but so happy I found you all! I had sudden extreme body pain in January of 2015. It took serval painful minutes just to get out of bed. Forget getting dressed and putting on shoes other than slip ons. After two weeks of unbearable pain, I went...
  7. andreap


    This is my third attempt at posting a thread haha. One I wrote was quite long and detailed so I am slightly bummed. Anyway. my name is Andrea Polla and I am an American living in Sweden and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of weeks ago however, like many I had symptoms going back for...
  8. W

    I just joined today 8.20.15 hello!

    wow, don't know what to say. I've had fibro for a long time, and its progressed until I feel isolated and alone, and over-joyed when I have the energy that actually has something to do with just fun and NOT another doctors appointment. It makes me sad, and exhausted, wears on me. I've never...
  9. T


    Hi everyone, I have been in pain for a while and have had surgery for chiari malformation, but a lot of symptoms still exist. I have a lot of upper back pain, I get pain and tenderness as well as pins and needles, my shins burn when I walk 100 metres. I also have tender lymph glands under my...
  10. A


    HI my name is ann im new to group i have fibro and chronic pain and fatigue for almost all my 48 yrs of life it seems,,,