1. R

    Re-schooling (learning how to program)

    Hey everyone, I have been reading on this forum for a while now. I barely respond. But since recently I have been feeling well enough to start thinking a little about the future. I have been thinking about learning to code, slow paced with no deadlines. Just trying to understand and force...
  2. UhOhNedio

    Lower leg/Foot pain

    Hey all, I have a question. Why are my feet hurting soooooo bad? Especially my heels. It feels like I've been standing or walking on concrete all day, and when I go to bed my lower legs and feet just ache. Backstory, (which I know is part of it but not all of it) all those sports and...
  3. B

    Husband cares for wife of 35 years

    I am new to this forum and it is helpful to seek and learn from experienced ways to cope with a loved one suffering from this insidious disease. I must say however, it shocked me the general view that husbands, men are incapable of support and kindness to their loved ones. I am sure that some...
  4. T


    Hey y’all! I’m new to the forum. I have been dealing with various chronic pains for a few years, and in March was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So now I am just trying to learn as much as I can about this infliction, and how to manage the pain while maintaining a relatively active life.
  5. S

    Newbie...Learning about Fibro!

    Hello all...thanks for allowing me to be part of this community. I am really hear to learn more about fibromyalgia. My husband and I aim to open a brick & mortar business directly related to helping chronic pain sufferers in the next year through cryotherapy, whole body light therapy, and...
  6. M

    Getting in over my head.

    Have you ever gone in over your head? Learning how to Wait.....again, suffering for not waiting, again. When will I ever learn?
  7. Trying2GetHealthy

    New member!

    Hello. My name is Skye. I supposedly developed PTSD & Fibromyalgia around the same time. My PTSD was misdiagnosed for years. My fibromyalgia was supposedly all in my head. Life became chaotic. I had no one to tell me what to do or where to get help for my different issues. I was diagnosed in...
  8. Tipnatee N

    Better sense of reward meaning better day with fibro?

    There's a strong believe that most result of a bad day with fibro is that we lost the sense of reward to do horrific pains sensation that we are feeling now and what we know deep down of what it would feels like after as the days goes by. There're so many talk about what we should do to...
  9. L

    Having terrible pain

    Hello Every one happy I found this website looking forward to learning more about fibromyalgia pain and helping others who have question>
  10. B


    Hi all. I am brand spanking new to this forum. I am curious to know about people's experiences with their health care providers. I was in a bad motorcycle accident in 2012. It was actually my surgeon who first suspected that I had developed FM. I mentioned this to my regular Dr who didn't...