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    Reason for Concern? Long Sorry- New

    Hi, My name is Heather and I've been reading this forum for several months and want to say what a terrific, helpful site this is! I've had "MS" like symptoms on and off for over 25years, and along with those I've had "widespread" fasiculations. I've wasted a lot of time worrying myself sick...
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    is ALS starting? or fibromyalgia?

    :oops:Hello all I'm 27 male, I'm still not diagnose but I have some very frightened symptoms and I want to hear your oppinions. In March of 2007 after very stressful situation I started a lot of symptoms: -Fasciculations all over my body(very strong I can see my body parts twitching)...
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    sudden severe weakness/fatigue

    Does anyone get sudden out of the blue,just soooooo tired it feels like someone pulled the plug on you? I get "attacks" of this,I did alot of cleaning today,then just out of the blue,its like my arms and right leg(the most) are just soooo heavy and tired,trying to eat dinner,they were shaking so...
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    my story

    well, I am not sure where to begin. I have had some minor things on and off for along time. Quickly-epstien barr virus at 20. That lasted for a year or so, there was no twitching, just tired and achey. Then 8 yrs ago mis-diagnoised with MS. I was having tingling and numbness, had MRI, came back...
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    Facial twitching and right-sided perceived weakness

    Corny...I know, but I have lurking around and reading for a couple of months now, and figured I should introduce myself. My journey started about 7 months ago with facial twitching and right-sided perceived weakness. I have had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia for about 20 years, so am thus an...
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    Leg Pain ... Feels like the muscles have been overworked

    Hi, Has anyone felt muscle pain which feels like you have run a marathon or legs have been overworked? My mom describes her pain like this and says that it's there all the time even at night. I tend to feel this is very different than spastic pain.