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  1. T

    Looking for a fibro doctor in DE

    Hello, I was diagnosed with fibro October of 2013 and the intensity of this illness has picked up quite a bit in the past few months. I suspect that I have had this since 2009 having made many trips to the doctor for pain in my back, hip, shoulder/neck/arms, legs and feet. I finally broke down...
  2. Chrispy93

    Looking for new doc in Rhode Island

    anyone have a good doctor they can share with me? i need a good primary care doc that is up to date and open minded. feel free to send me a private message if prefered.
  3. K

    Starting to think I was misdiagnosed.... :/

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 2 horrible car accidents... Personally, I have never felt like this was my actual or full diagnosis... My Dr's have, over the past several months started looking in to Crps aka complex regional pain syndrome which used to be called RSD reflex sympathetic...
  4. H

    Dehydration before bed and morning pain.

    I've found that when I drink a lot of water just before bed, I have significantly reduced pain in the morning. I discovered this because when I went to bed thirsty, I woke up with more severe chronic pain. By countering this an drinking an unusually large amount of water before bed, I have...
  5. M

    Hello-Looking for help

    Hello, I just signed up and I'm looking for help. I hurt so much I just don't even know if I want to live, but I do. I have a wonderful fiancé that loves me and I surely love him. I want to feel better for both of us, but I seem to be losing the battle. I hope that this forum can give me...
  6. J

    Topical treatments...herbal creams/lotions?

    Last year a friend of mine gave me an ointment that was meant for topical pain relief. Where I live, medical marijuana is legal and it's not hard to get a prescription. The ointment was made from cannabis and I loved it because I could use it during the day without getting high (I have 2...
  7. S

    Hello, I am new here

    I just came across this site when I was looking for information about fibro. Trying to find help in my area. I think I'm on my way out of a flare (I hope). I was just diagnosed a year ago, but have suffered for about 20 years. My family doctor doesn't recognize fibro. I am finding it getting...
  8. C

    muscle ache relief

    I have had muscle pain for 9 yrs. I have really bad allergies and knowing that allergies cause inflammation I have searched for foods that would help with inflammation. I read that cayenne pepper is good but I don't like hot stuff. One day I was hurting pretty bad and looking for help l came...
  9. H

    Looking for understanding

    Hi, I decided to join this forum to find like minded people to vent with occasionally and possibly explore ideas of how to cope with this insidious illness. I call this an insidious illness because most people (even professionals) don't even recognize it as an illness. Officially it's only a...
  10. HordesOfKailas

    Questions about fibro support

    Hi everyone. This is my first post, so let me introduce myself. My name is Kailas and I'm dating a girl with fibromyalgia. We've been together for roughly five and a half years and she was diagnosed just about a year ago, when she was 21. I've done a lot of reading about how to support someone...