1. G

    I am a new member

    I was diagnosed in March 2000. Doctor tried me on : Celebrex , Lyrica , Cymbalta , Neurontin . (Horrible side effects from the 3 above) The Neurontin gave me mini seizures , my head was so heavy I couldn't get my chin off my chest. I currently take the :Tramadol and Flexeril . I've...
  2. J

    Confused Husband needs help to understand

    My wife was diagnosed over a year ago. I try to be very supportive. I have some issues of my own she has had to be supportive of over the years. With Fibro, there are some things I just don't understand, I am hoping for some feedback. My wife does very little to try to get help with this. She...
  3. H

    Three types and possibly four types of arthritis.

    Hi, I'm new to this. I've never looked to the Internet for help till now. I'm 50😊 I have had a life time of pain and only realized that the pain I've had wasn't normal . I have had the pain as far back as 5-6 years old that I can remember. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis half a life time...
  4. Sagey

    "Another Fibro Medication bites the dust"

    Hi all, An article about National Pain dated 7/2017 revealed that, Three drugs were upcoming for the treatment of Fibro Unfortunately 2 of them did not pass clinical trials. TNT-102 and Mirogabilin were found to be ineffective in Fibromyalgia. IMC1 the third med will go into clinical trails...
  5. C

    Weight gain

    I have put on 40 lbs since my diagnosis. 20lbs in the one month i tried lyrica. I cant lose this weight. Between the pain and fatigue keeping me from excercise and the overwhelming carb cravings i am at a loss.
  6. S

    Diagnosed Today (this is long - sorry)

    This turned out a lot longer than I intended. TLDR: After many years of chronic pain I'm adding Fibro to my growing list of medical problems. Went to see my Rheum today for my three-month checkup, she said my most recent pain is a Fibromyalgia flare-up and that we will treat me going forward...
  7. H

    Intense exercise and strict diet seem to be key

    Hello, Everyone! I don't want to make anyone feel bad if they can't do this. It just has helped me so much that I wanted to share my experience in case it might help someone else. I increased my exercise to try to suppress my disease with a high level of fitness and changed my diet, and it has...
  8. P

    Is anyone familiar with the drug Savella and has it helped them?

    Hello, my name is Sylvie I have been on Lyrica, Cymbalta and now wondering about Savella? What are the side effects, does one put weight on using that medication? Also does one know of any analsegic pain gel or cream that soothes fibromyalgia?
  9. C

    Diagnosed. Have lots questions about symptoms.

    Help distinguishing symptoms HI! I was diagnosed in 2013 with no help for questions of symptoms. I have itching days and wondered if it was related. I have several medium size extremely dry spots. I wake up during the night scratching and bring blood. I am taking Lyrica and Cymbalta.
  10. D

    I don't know how to do this

    Good day everyone. I am new. I am glad you are all here.....because I don't know how to do this:-| I have a crazy body...I deal with allot of immune issues. Hypothyroid, Addison's, Sjogren's, Systemic Lupus, IgA deficiency and low blood platelets/ITP. I have balanced life and meds for a long...