1. R

    Intro to me!

    Hello-I'm new to this forum. I discovered it while researching fibro and medical marijuana. In December of 2012, I was admitted to the hospital with acute colitis. After I was discharged, I just could not recover. I felt like I had the flu and could not walk across my house. My GP assured me...
  2. M

    Medical Marijuana

    Has anyone tried medical marijuana? I have been doing some research and I am intrigued. I have just recently weaned off of Effexor and Topomax. I take Tramadol as needed but I don't find it very effective for my pain. I am curious to know how to use marijana without having to feel stoned .
  3. M

    Partners of Those With Fibro

    My husband was diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago. We were just hanging in there and then Cymbalta was prescribed. Was already on Lyrica, Norspan, Endep (for sleep), Celebrex. As soon as started taking Cymbalta knew something was wrong straight away - admitted to hospital with serotonin syndrome...
  4. FeelingsFlight

    Just got a diagnosis!

    Hi, I'm Kai. I only realised I had fibromyalgia maybe 8 or so months ago. I saw two doctors before my current doctor, who gave me my diagnosis in May! I was sooo relieved. I'm young, and most of my life so far has been struggling with being disabled. On the one hand, it's rough that I'm losing...
  5. A

    Hello everyone

    Hello,I am Alexis and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia on Friday.I was having pain from my back and fatigued a lot.I thought it was simple as a pulled muscle at first and was not.I was finally relieved what it was finally.I have it under control now,I am on meds on it or I smoke medical marijuana...
  6. L

    about meds and dr

    i have been dealing with pain for over 10 years and got diagnosed with fibro in 2013, over the years i have tryed numerous meds and treatments, i have had intravenious novacaine, physio, electric stimulus, massage, ect. i have taken most of the meds from cymbalta, lyrica, gabapentin...
  7. N

    tennesee considering medical marijuana

    Tennessee is considering medical marijuana and I believe that the wording allows the dr. to recommend it if thought to be medically helpful. Good luck down there this is huge news that it is even being brought up for conversation.
  8. J

    Topical treatments...herbal creams/lotions?

    Last year a friend of mine gave me an ointment that was meant for topical pain relief. Where I live, medical marijuana is legal and it's not hard to get a prescription. The ointment was made from cannabis and I loved it because I could use it during the day without getting high (I have 2...
  9. P

    new here........cesamet

    Hi everyone ,I'm new here .Iwas diagnosed with fibro in April,2013,bursitus in my left hip,osteoarthritis in my left hip and both knees,and Klippel Feil Syndrome[Ihave deteriorating discs in my neck] I take 1500 mg of gabapentin a day. It helps some of the time ,here and there ,but not...
  10. Trellum


    Is anyone over here suffering from this as well? I ask because I suffer from anxiety, and the only thing that has helped me a lot so far (apart from medical marijuana) is vitamin B complex. I take that every morning and before going to bed, and I must say it really works to keep me relaxed :)...