1. C

    Do you think I might have Fibro?

    Hi – new to forum. Wondering if anyone thinks this sounds like Fibro. It has been suggested by a doctor in the past but no one has ever addressed it further. I am 51, female, and in generally good health. I do have irritable bowel syndrome - have had it for 30 years. It presents with bad...
  2. Forgetmenot

    My father

    Omg,my dad is 70.he told us all he had a new bed coming Saturday.we took his old bed out and the mattress down to the tip and waited. And waited ,so at 4 i to,d my dad to check,turned out it was this Tuesday. While I sat there laughing I though omg where is he going to sleep for three days. So I...
  3. 1sweed

    A Good Nights Sleep

    How many of you like me long for a good nights sleep without those aches and pains from trying to sleep on a mattress that is either to hard or to sagging soft. I have been using those mattress topper cotton fiber bed pads on top of my regular mattress for years. However, the last few I bought...
  4. Forgetmenot

    My back

    Well I woke up this morning and I couldn't move.i don't no why but if I sleep on my back it locks up.i could barely move.i no I have slight OA at the base of my spine. But as far as I no there nothing else.and this is the ribs mattress so not that. I've had it a good few years.but I'm...
  5. B

    How to bring your pain level from a 12 to a 3

    Hi everyone l am new to these threads, l have suffered with fybromyalgia for the last 15 years and have now finally been diagnosed. l really wanted to share this with you, l used to suffer with the most excruciating pain it was so bad that l would be sobbing in the mornings with the pain unable...
  6. W

    Rheumatologist Friday

    the primary care refered me to a rheumatologist, that appointment is friday. said she didnt want to tag me with fibromyalgia but felt confident that is what i am dealing with. all of the typical symptoms, a gazillion tests, co-pays, and all of the usual attempts to figure out what is wrong with...
  7. A

    Is this Fibromyalgia

    Hi All, I really appreciate all your time and comments. I have mentioned my symptoms below, please forgive my English, as I am not good at it. I am 31 yr old male. 1. Upper back pain and neck pain started around June 2015 with numbness in right hand little finger and right leg little finger...
  8. A

    Is it Fibro

    Oops posted in wrong window
  9. Forgetmenot

    Someone rip my legs off

    well I've been to my sons for the night, what I didn't no as he only been there a few months was the spare bed only had a memory foam mattress an inch think. Nothing under it. My son and his girlfriend run a bordering kennels and have a lovely three bed bungalow . So I didn't think about the...
  10. K

    Sleeping help

    Anyone have luck with a certain type of mattress to decrease morning pain and stiffness? Is Temperpedic any good? Any suggestions?