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    Lesson Learned!

    Well. I have learned not to mess with a good thing! Last month I went and saw my doctor and asked her if we could try Lyrica instead of Nurotin which I have been on for a little over a year. She agreed to switch the meds up.... okay this is what happened :oops: ..... After a few days of taking...
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    Medication that works for Fibro

    Just wondering what type of med's are working for other people with Fibro.:?: Thanks
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    Men don't have Fibromyalgia! OSIT

    Grab a snack this could take a while. I'm 38 years old. Male. A Medically Retired Navy Helicopter mechanic. I have had two microdiscectomy/laminectomy surgeries along with the removal of disk material from L4-L5 and L5-S1. I suffer from chronic back and leg pain and have since 1995 when I and...