1. H

    Three types and possibly four types of arthritis.

    Hi, I'm new to this. I've never looked to the Internet for help till now. I'm 50😊 I have had a life time of pain and only realized that the pain I've had wasn't normal . I have had the pain as far back as 5-6 years old that I can remember. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis half a life time...
  2. Sagey

    "Another Fibro Medication bites the dust"

    Hi all, An article about National Pain dated 7/2017 revealed that, Three drugs were upcoming for the treatment of Fibro Unfortunately 2 of them did not pass clinical trials. TNT-102 and Mirogabilin were found to be ineffective in Fibromyalgia. IMC1 the third med will go into clinical trails...
  3. S

    Switching from cymbalta to amitriptyline ...please help

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, I'll make it quick for you to read so I hope someone can share/help with what's happening to me right now. Really quickly : I'm switching my long term medication ( cymbalta 8 years) to amitriptyline very low dose (I can't translate in mg cause I'm...
  4. B

    Male 34. Is it fibro?

    Hi! Hope you can shed some Light on what's going on with my body. It all started about five years ago. I was healthy athletic man in my prime, never had any health issues. Then one day i woke up with a stiff lower back, but it loosened as the day went on. As days and weeks passed i got...
  5. vickythecat

    Raising Awareness and Taking Action

    Hi, Aren't we all frustrated how time and time again doctors have not taken us seriously? Or how fibromyalgia is not considered serious enough for certain benefits, social help, disability payments, referrals to occupational/physical therapists etc? Or how people around us just see this outer...
  6. P

    Is anyone familiar with the drug Savella and has it helped them?

    Hello, my name is Sylvie I have been on Lyrica, Cymbalta and now wondering about Savella? What are the side effects, does one put weight on using that medication? Also does one know of any analsegic pain gel or cream that soothes fibromyalgia?
  7. M

    Roller coaster symptoms.

    Hi , I'm just so tired of the never knowing what I'm going to wake up feeling like. June and July are hard months ? Sick of waking up knowing it's going to be a lot of work! Even after taking my medication I'm still not able to think straight for at least 2 hours. Then it gets okay for...
  8. S

    Fascia blaster

    As an alternative to using alot of pain meds i am interested in knowing if anyone has tried the fascia blaster with success I just started using it and i have seen a little. Hoping that it helps elevate most of the pain and i can get off all the medication i am on
  9. A

    My coping tool for today...pace myself

    Pace myself. This seems logical but I guess I felt like I should be able to do everything the way I did before fibro because I take medication. Wrong!! I now realize the only way I'm going to accomplish anything is to do a little bit at a time. I don't get much accomplished but this is my...
  10. Tipnatee N

    Hypohidrosis ( absent sweating) in fibromyalgia

    One of my symptom in fibro is hypohidrosis , I really can't sweat at all normally. The only time I sweat is during my night sweat caused by sleep anxiety and sleep disturbance. Or just a feeling of sweating because my hair pores are being force opening to release heat on top of my head while...