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    The possibility of Lupis hangs in the horizon. My last blood work came back with a high ANA. Which like fibro presents itself as a auto immune disease. There's no cure, but...if caught early enough can help the Medical community decide what meds to use. I've been on a Marithon, google...
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    Can the mercury in dental amalgams cause fibromyalgia?

    Ingegerd Rosborg and her colleagues from the University Hospital in Goteburg, Sweden compared the levels of trace elements in the blood and urine of 38 females with fibromyalgia with 41 female controls to determine whether these elements have any role in the causation of the disease. They...
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    Protomyxozoa Rheumatica

    Protomyxozoa Rheumatica is a parasite discovered by hemotologist, Dr Steven Fry. He believes the organism may cause numerous neurological diseases, including ALS. The following is Part I of the transcript of a recent interview with Steven Fry, MD. Please do not expect your physician or other...