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    one more milestone for CME

    Well folks, i just looked at my profile. i have 999 posts on this site. this post i think will make it 1,000. maybe i become a new type of member, not a senior member anymore. ooo or a sliver member like my :roll: it's amazing that i have, in my eyes, helped so many folks that come...
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    i have a milestone to celebrate

    I was just noticing that i have made it to Senior member on the forum! I'm not sure how i got there or what it means. im not sure if im being called old, as some members have been here longer than me. lol im just going to put it towards my good looks that you folks cant see! Either way its a...
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    Feeling helpless dr after dr tells me there is nothing wrong.

    I have been suffering from chronic tiredness, muscle aches, brain fog and recently, due to the ongoing nature of my health, depression. I had Glandular fever about 5 years ago. which is the closest understanding of what I am feeling now however my 6 months of glandular fever is nothing compared...