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    Hi everyone I recently had a nasty viral illness and found myself stuck in bed with a very sore chest/back and a high fever. That seemed to pass within a day or two, but shortly afterwards I had the onset of some very strange other symptoms. First I found that I had trouble grapping things with...
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    Been A While

    :) Well haven't been on here since about June of last year! PLS still my diagnosis but progression hasn't affected me from the waist up. Go often to my neurologist about every 2 months. We've been trying all kinds of meds since Baclofen hits me like a ton of bricks. Takes me off my feet. Have...
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    Does Fibromyalgia have any relation or commonalities with ALS?

    Please explain whether ALS can mimic Fibromyalgia? I'm just wondering and hoping to gain insight. I know before my husband was diagnosed with ALS he wondered if he had Fibromyalgia. Also, I've read that ALS patients usually don't have pain, but he does have neck, shoulder, back. He even had...
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    Is it PLS?

    Hi there, I really hope that there's someone who can help. I have to be honest and say that until yesterday I had never heard of PLS. I'm afraid it a bit of a long winded story and I hope that you bear with me. I am 47 and live in Australia. I have had so many tests during the past couple of...
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    muscle symptoms like mnd

    hi jennifer. i am so sorry to see you back here and still worrying. i thought you were diagnosed having fibromyalgia? as we discussed before this can have some muscle symptoms like mnd. what you are describing sounds like the old anxiety symptoms,i remember you were in such a state last year...
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    how tell fatigue from disease from not sleeping?

    Hi everyone. You all have big hearts and I appreciate the time and help. I wrote in a different thread, under "husband," but this is a specific question; when the doctor asks if you feel fatigue at the end of the day, how on earth can you separate exhaustion because you're not sleeping at night...
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    Aussie alone

    Hi all - I am so impressed with everyone's genuine concern and interest in all who visit this site. I have been avidly reading everyone's histories for some time now, but hiding in the background thinking about replying, then putting it off. Loved the thread about bra snapping, gave me a laugh...