1. J

    My Story

    Hi to all, looking for some feedback and any at all would be greatly appreciated. Am a 35 year old male, generally healthy and love sports. My problems generally began about 14 months ago with very painful back spasms. This was accompanied by muscle twitching all over the body, which would...
  2. D


    So i have been trying to do just a few stretching exercises. Please can any tell me if their bodies react like mine? So if i stretch my arms out in front of me and flex my hand upwards to stretch the whole area i have severe pain through my hand wrist forearm elbow up to my shoulders. If i...
  3. bluelapis12

    New here, not new to fibro

    Hello, I am struggling with fibromyalgia, major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, arthritis and other issues. Yesterday visited the Dr. with symptoms of sciatic pain limiting mobility for past two weeks, also, weakness and soreness in right arm. After two weeks of struggling with these...
  4. L

    Feeling completely humiliated

    Today is not a good day! I went in for vascular surgery only to be turned away by the surgeon because of weight/BMI issues. My weight has rocketed since Christmas, I gained 2 stone in 2 weeks and it is still increasing by the day. I saw my GP a couple of weeks ago and mentioned concerns about...
  5. W

    Greetings :)

    Another Florida resident here. I have had fibro going on 7 years now ( with hyper mobility and a few other odds and ends ) I am glad to meet all of you :), and wishing everyone the best!
  6. T

    Newly diagnosed and very confused

    I can't believe everything I am feeling is fibromylagia. 4 years ago I started having sciatica. It would come and go and I worked through it. Did Zumba, walked 2 miles several times a week. But the pain got worse then just didn't go away. Sent to physiatrist who said it was sciatica and...
  7. P

    Finally a dx after 20 years of pain-Alcoholism and other issues

    Hello. I was diagnosed last Wed by a rheumatologist. I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, Lupus, MS, AS etc. Until I finally was able to see the rhuemy. It is a relief as this diseases' prognosis is not as debilitating as some of the choices. And I finally feel like maybe I can start to...
  8. T

    Sometimes its overwhelming

    All the pain. The pills. The doctors appointments. The feeling like a failure because i cant complete normal, once everday, ordinary tasks. I have to rest after drying my hair. Which i can barely do. I need help to cook, or must rest or sit while doing it. Its crazy. Im only 23, i just feel...
  9. M

    Sick with a cold and used Mucinex - Guaifenesin

    Hello. I'm joining this forum to say hello and to offer my story on my recent use of Mucinex during a 10 day nasty cold virus. My history with Fibromyalgia - I have known I've had it for over 15 years and I have tried to manage through the pain and over the last year it has almost disabled me...
  10. C

    Newly diagnosed. I'm not me anymore!

    Hello all! Newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and asthma. I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years, single mother, strong physically and mentally and very independent! I just turned 60 this year and BAM! I am in constant pain from my head to my toes! Lots of headaches, gut...