1. B

    Tired of my wife being treated like a criminal

    So today on Sunday we got treated to the fun exercise of trying to get my wifes Hydrocodone script filled that helps with the break-through pain from her Fibro. She has been going down on her does and is on 3 1/2 10Mg Hydrocodone pills a day. She used to be on much higher doses of pain...
  2. H

    Does this sound like Fibro?

    Hi Everyone. I hope you all are having a tolerable day. I don't know what to do anymore. I can barely function and sometimes am bedridden from the pain. I have been suicidal from the pain. I am wondering if this sounds like Fibromyalgia. I know that I can't be diagnosed online and am going to...
  3. R

    Pain medications with no prescription required

    No Advertising On This Forum. No Medications Sold Here.
  4. P

    Tapentadol, best drug I've tried!

    Hi there I wanted you all to know Ive found a drug the makes life bearable again!I have been to pain management so many times and thought I had tried everything and was losing hope as my latest tramadol and lyrica duo was not working so well any more, then the pain doc whips out a chart of fibro...
  5. L


    There has been some recent activity here about the benefits of kratom, specifically from one company and one new member. I have to speak up. Be aware that this is not approved by the FDA for human consumption. It is derived from a plant in Thailand where it is used as a substitute for opium...
  6. Nexi

    New...Not New To Fibromyalgia...Flared Again

    I have been through hell and back with the debilitating pain of fibro and the fatigue. I couldn't work, get out of bed to take care of my kids, going to the bathroom took all my effort. I ended up on T3's, and a crazy dose of gabapentin, morphine and tramadol. I ended up staying on this for...
  7. M


    How many of you are on high doses of morphine for your pain? I take 180mg ER and 120 mg IR a day. Without it the pain would be excruciating, with it the pain is bearable, a 5 out of 10. Even with the morphine, I can do very little. I mostly rest at home. I only leave the house once a week...
  8. C

    my journey with morphine withdrawals.

    Well folks, as you know from my posts, i have moved to the mountains in AZ. i am getting reduced pains here. elevation works! i went to a pain mgt doctor on the mountain and i found they are uneducated and uncaring. the doctor said i was crazy and I was making up that i had my diagnosis. as...
  9. D

    how do I know I have fibromyalgia or chronic pain

    Hi pleased to find this forum I'm Kent England Iv been in constant pain for over 2years I've had Mir scans orthopedic said nothing wrong with my spine just some arthritis but I'm a very pain tolerate person it takes a lot for me to go to a doctor since Christmas this year it we only just...
  10. D

    Recently Diagnosed - Fibromyalgia And Moderate Pancreatitis

    I'm waiting for biopsy on my my pancreas esophagus an abdomen as they are all in inflamed Iv been told tonight when I went to the doctors and that I had fibromyalgia as I explained how Iv been in pain for last two years Iv been under the hospital for 3years with Parkinson and this pain...