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    How I Manage the Fog and Stay Motivated

    Brain fog. Memory problems. Fatigue. Motivation. Real fear of pain and screwing up--forgetting the school conference, missing an appointment, doing too much or not enough and paying the price. We all know what it's like. Most of us haven't ever learned to embrace pride and celebrate our...
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    Motivational tips to continue physiotherapy for fibromyalgia

    Sup everyone. I'm personally not affected by fibromyalgia but my girlfriend is. She also suffers from occasional spondylitis. After consulting the doctor she's been advised to undergo physiotherapy. It started out well but her pain is so intolerable sometimes that she ends up weak and unable to...
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    not so motivational, motivation group

    I have been gone a while, but I am back. I have had a rough past couple weeks. I recently started up my weigth loss journey again. Only to have one thing after another happen. I am in a "weight loss support group" with all women who are overweight. They say I am making too many excuses, because...