mouth sores

  1. L

    Just diagnosed

    Hello all. Glad to find this forum. I was just diagnosed July 13 after 3 plus years and 2 rheumotologists. Long story short, I started having pain all over. Holding my son's hand was painful. I joined a fitness boot camp and had to stop since the pain and fatigue was so bad. I thought I...
  2. Cheryl Ann

    it's hittin' the fan again

    :roll::roll: I recently had a flare up that had my body ballooning. I was told FM doesn't present itself that way but that's beside the point. The point is the "ballooning" is pretty much over, almost nonexistent. I got that shot of steroids about a week ago and thankfully my joints have been...
  3. B

    Hello- help please!

    Hi everyone. I haven't been diagnosed yet but my rheumatologist has mentioned fibromyalgia. He first wants to do a few more tests before we go there he said. So I wanted to share my symptoms and what has been going on for years and would really appreciate some opinions/feedback on whether you...
  4. Ma(x)2

    Here Goes The Neighborhood

    Hey Everyone! I don't mean to come-off overly clinical but for ease of reading and to keep a long (oh, so very long) story short, I will do a quick synopsis of my stats and diagnosis. Let's see...I'm an overweight (okay fat) white gay (far from fabulous but still sometimes funny) male 45 years...
  5. J

    New to the group, this is just an into.

    I have had fibro for over 2 decades, but am suffering from it much more now than ever. I am going to a pain management clinic and am on Gabapintin and am on Butrans pain patch. I have lower back pain and lately have been having acute pain from muscle spasms. In addition to Fibro I have Crohns...
  6. A

    Extreme pain in hands & feet?

    Hello, I am relatively newly diagnosed with fibro (3 months ago). For me it seems like I've been struggling with the pain and degeneration for more than 6 years. My father's name for it is "the creeping crud." I wonder if others have the same trouble I do with the pain in your hands and feet...