never give up

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    Well my story is a bit different i have all the signs of fibro and then some. Was diagnosed with this horrible disease this past summer. i'm serve weather changes , light , noise , stress , food , pain , serve muscle spasms. I'm a hairdresser, Dental Assistant and now a student to University Of...
  2. M

    It can become exhausting or it can be rewarding when you try different things.

    I have found out the hard way and so has the people who I care for that it is exhausting on the mind as well as the wallet when you hear that a supplement can possibly help and you go out and buy it then use it for some time and it yields no results. I think back to a phrase my uncle used to say...
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    I am new to this forum and to sharing about this illness. I was diagnosed in 2009, but refused to acknowledge that I have fibromyalgia until about 2 months ago. I never told anyone I had it and I convinced myself I didn't. Every time I feel good, I think that I am going to feel good forever...
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    Newly diagnosed, yet long time sufferer

    Isn't it wonderful to finally know what is wrong after a life time of wonder and worry? Well, psychologically, anyways. Now armed with a lot of information, the real fight can begin. I believe I was born with Fibromyalgia, reflecting back on the many symptoms I've had surface at key moments in...