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  1. S

    New Member, recently diagnosed.

    Hi, I've been slowly working my way through the diagnosis program for two years as things are getting worse. It started out slowly with pains that I just figured were the results of an aging blue collar worker till my doctor sent me to a neurologist who first tried the electrical stimulus...
  2. K


    Hello, everyone I am a new Member and I am very happy to get acquainted with the people. I urge you to exchange information with people more easily. Thanks
  3. M

    Hi, from Northern Vancouver Island

    Hi, I am a relatively new member, but must confess I read a lot of posts without commenting. I finally decided to say hi, and ask a question that I have not seen on the forums. Diagnosed 3 years ago, with Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. I see my doctor about every 6 months, as we live 2.5...
  4. P

    New member....Military

    Thanks for letting me join! I'm 39. I was diagnosed in March '17. I am coming up on my 15th year in the military. I just found out I am going through the MED Board process. Looking for advice, treatment options and somewhere to research more about Fibro.
  5. Trying2GetHealthy

    New member!

    Hello. My name is Skye. I supposedly developed PTSD & Fibromyalgia around the same time. My PTSD was misdiagnosed for years. My fibromyalgia was supposedly all in my head. Life became chaotic. I had no one to tell me what to do or where to get help for my different issues. I was diagnosed in...
  6. M

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi all I’m a new member and also newly diagnosed! Got diagnosed yesterday can’t decide how I feel and not really sure if having a diagnosis will make any difference x
  7. G

    I am a new member

    I was diagnosed in March 2000. Doctor tried me on : Celebrex , Lyrica , Cymbalta , Neurontin . (Horrible side effects from the 3 above) The Neurontin gave me mini seizures , my head was so heavy I couldn't get my chin off my chest. I currently take the :Tramadol and Flexeril . I've...
  8. K

    New member

    Hi. I am Katie. Newly diagnosed and new to the forum. I was also newly diagnosed with high cholesterol and put on a low carb diet. I am finding it difficult how to eat well for both conditions. It is not even 6 pm here and I feel ready for bed. I hate the pain along with the fatigue. Thanks for...
  9. P

    Hi I am a new member and my story

    Hi, new here, I also deal with some anger that our life is not the same. I am on disability as the stress of working was too painful ended up bringing me postraumatic stress, trauma that I would relive concerning sexual aggressions from others and from my own father. My father's betrayal is the...
  10. G

    Fibro knee pain

    Hi. New member. Can anyone speak specifically to knee pain. I have an arthritic right knee, but for the past month I have had new pain very specific to the inner aspects of my knees. The right is very bad. Have been on cymbalta for many years. Tylenol arthritic strength and motrin offer...