1. C


    I am in the worst flare up I have ever had. :( I am trying everything I know after having FMS/CFS for 11-12 years. I am so thankful for an I-pad or I could not post. My husband just retired and we were planning a two week trip by car to see friends and other things we love between TX an WI...
  2. P


    Hello. I am new in this forum, and looking forward to learning and sharing. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 7 years ago. I still work fulltime, but it is becoming more difficult as the days go by. I am currently aching all over. Almost every task is too much. I am having vision problems...
  3. birdwatcher

    Newbie in Virginia

    Hi my name is Ruth. I was diagnosed over 13 fun filled years ago. I'm sure my symptoms are very similar to most of yours. Now on top of Fibro/Chronic Fatigue I've recently been diagnosed with low blood sugar. As all if that isn't enough I have also aquired asthma this summer! :shock: Life...
  4. R


    Hello! My name is Robin and I am in Florida. I was diagnosed with fibro and a brain aneurysm in February 2010 right after getting married to my high school sweetie. We dated in high school and some 20ish years later got back together and married. Fibro changed my life...the headaches...
  5. T

    pain medicine/ nonstop pain

    Hey everyone. Newbie here. I have had nonstop pain since last summer. I was tested for everything under the sun but nothing was found besides a brain defect, chiari malformation that led to syrinx in spine. Then i had pseudotumor and had to get a shunt put in head that drain excess fluid into...
  6. T

    New Here!

    Hi all! I'm thejadegreengirl, and I just signed up for an account. I'm usually not the type to start a thread, I may comment every once in a while. I started my official life with fibro/cfs about three years ago when I was officially diagnosed. I was already off of work due to migraines and...
  7. N

    Newbie from O-hi!-o

    Hello everyone! I'm Nichole I haven't been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe I may have it as I have been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune muscle disease called dermatomyositis and FM is something that likes to tag along, same with lupus and other autoimmune diseases. I do have chronic...
  8. D

    in need of support....

    hello every a newbie to all this......and hoping to pick up some gud info....:-)
  9. A

    Another Newbie

    Hi All, I just joined and am looking forward to "meeting" some of you. I enjoy interacting with others who have this disease to see what works for them, things to avoid, to offer and receive support as needed. I love the research and new information regarding fibro. I'm hoping this is a good...
  10. M


    hi fellow sufferers, my name is maria, i'm 46 and was finally diagnosed in jan. look forward to chatting to you all and comparing treatments etc. at present i'm on gabapentine 400mg and tramadol 50mg neither seem to help my worst area's which are my arms and hips xx