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    Dr. Pellegrino

    Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino has fibromyalgia and runs Ohio Pain and Rehab Center and has wrote books on it: Inside Fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia Up Close and Personal, Fibromyalgia Supporter, Fibromyalgia Managing The Pain and Laugh at Your Muscles. I have ordered two of these and will borrow the others...
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    Dr. Pellegrino

    I was wondering if anyone in Ohio goes to see Dr. Pelligrino , he has fibro and owns Ohio rehab center in North Canton, he is on my list of doctors to checkout. My lowered dose of nortriptyline from 60mg to 40mg is not going so well still having the hand tremors and know experiencing body...
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    Looking for new doctor in Ohio

    I'm on my second anti-depressant and now being weaned off but I'm having other health concerns that are not being addressed and I would love any advice on who to see. I live in Mansfield but my rheumatologist is in Columbus no drive is too far for someone who cares and is knowledgeable.
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    lost and confused

    Help needed in Ohio. I'm having what I believe to be new onset of symptom and possible side effects from nortriptyline 60mg, now reduced to 40mg per rheumatologist. Here is a list of my other conditions; IBS since 1995, OAB since 2007 with neuro-stimulator placement 2014, RLS since 2007 I take...
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hi All.. Not much into groups , however I have reached my limit of this and other issues I have and how they are trying to control my life! It seems like a uphill battle daily. 1 good day full of energy with no pain and than 3 down days miserable. The worst part for me is seeing my family...
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    Newby from Ohio

    I'm so happy I finally found a forum for fibro/cfs. My life has changed drastically since starting this journey. I'm looking to try and find the positive but also be able to vent to people who actually understand.
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    Acclimating to a new climate? Rainy?

    Hello - I have been dealing with FMS for many years now. I have typically lived in a dryer state at a higher altitude. I have been priced out of the city where I lived and now have to find a new home. My mother would like me to live closer to her, but the area where she lives is not going to...
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    Dayton Ohio Fibro fighters

    I wanted to inform anyone around the Dayton, Oh area that I've started a face to face support group through meetup.com. It's still in the beginning phase but we are planning our first meeting for March 1. We can be found through meetup. Our group name is Dayton Fibro Fighters. We welcome anyone...
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Sara. I'm a 30-something living in my hometown in Ohio. I've been sick a little over a decade with Fibro and CFS. I'm trying my best to keep my spirits up and fight against sickness the best that I can. I'm looking forward to meeting other positive people who can really understand what I'm...
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    I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Teresa I live in Ohio with my husband and three children. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple years ago. I currently stay at home due to not being able to hold an outside job due to health concerns and not to mention the cost of daycare is...