1. D

    My silly poem.

    Since my fibro got worse my hot water bottles are my best friends They don’t give me any grief unlike most humans in my life. They are snuggly and warm, never pull away or make derogatory comments. They need very little to top up their loving giving nature, And demand very little back from...
  2. Sagey

    Cat In the Hat Poem made me laugh!!

    A cute Fibromyalgia poem
  3. E

    poem- feeling trapped in my own world

    Nobody sees it so nobody knows I feel so alone Trapped in a world of my own But nobody sees it so nobody knows. I look like a healthy young woman And what I feel makes no sense. It’s so hard to try to explain I bite my tongue so not to complain Or appear to want sympathy So nobody knows but me...
  4. M

    poem corner. new forum required.

    I would like to start a new forum. POEM CORNER exclusivly for members to write poems about fibro Regardless of whether its a poem about suffering or getting by with fibro, i feel this deserves it's own new section. Here is one to start that I wrote. now listen up tracy, I hear your pain you...
  5. M

    listen up tracy poem

    now listen up tracy, I hear your pain you symptoms are getting you down again you feel so useless, unwanted and stressed but deep down inside you are one of the best we all have to suffer in each our own way pain from fibromalgia that wont go away so what if we can't do as much as before do...
  6. M

    Seeking support

    I have been living in a tight knit community for almost four years. The fact that I feel so desperate right now for support and am turning to the internet angers me. I wish there was a better undertanding of chronic illnesses out there. People have no freakn clue. It is so hard. I am sick of...