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  1. fibromelon

    Recently Diagnosed (╯︵╰,)

    Hello! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about a month ago and the way I was told has kind of been bugging me. For context: I'm 22 years old, I've never been too active, I walk/jog a few days a week (when I physically feel up to it) and I've never had any serious medical conditions before...
  2. A

    Recently Diagnosed, here to say Hi!

    Hello! I am recently diagnosed after ten years of trying to figure out what was wrong. Feeling thankful to finally have a reason behind all my symptoms and very much looking forward to the future. ❤️❤️
  3. Cutiegirl

    Recently diagnosed. Looking for a specialist. Does anybody know of a doctor who specializes in fibro in Toronto to Ottawa or norther NY state?

    Recently diagnosed. Looking for a specialist. Does anybody know of a doctor who specializes in fibro in Toronto to Ottawa or norther NY state?
  4. H

    Recently diagnosed

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently been diagnosed with fibro. It started about a year ago with extreme fatigue and sinus/face nerve pain and a few months ago I started experiencing numbness and tingling down my face, arms and legs. I couldn’t walk with the loss of sensation and tremors so went private...
  5. MountainGirl

    Recently diagnosed

    Hello everyone I have been reading through many posts, and want to say thank you for being brave and putting your experiences out there for others like me to read. 🙂 My diagnosis came from a physiatrist and seconded by my general practitioner. I have been referred to a rheumatologist, but have...
  6. T

    Recently diagnosed

    Hi, im new. Just came home with this diagnosis. In such agony. Been like this for a few days. Im ready to stay in bed... Ive worked so hard in my emotional recovery, i dont want a setback i understand grieving is part of acceptance. Every day i get out of bed is a miracle. I dont know how to...
  7. inotazo

    I am a recently diagnosed man and frustrated with my family's understanding

    Hello, I am a grad student and a man who is recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia at Cleveland Clinic. Of course, I have a series of symptoms: headache, neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, buttock pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, brain fog, being sensitive to light/sound, blurred vision...
  8. C

    Recently diagnosed

    Hey everyone new here I’m really struggling as been recently diagnosed it hurt and never feels like it stop I wondered is there anything anyone could share advice or things they found work for them
  9. M

    Recently diagnosed.

    Hi everyone, I have just recently turned 29 and 3 days before my birthday I received my official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. At first I was relieved I finally heard someone tell me I wasn't going crazy, that this pain, constant confusion and fatigue wasn't all in my head. Then after a week I...
  10. TinyBec

    18 years of pain, recently diagnosed.

    Hello all, my name is Becky and I want to start by apologizing because this may be a lengthy post! I am currently 35 and have been dealing with random pain/medical issues for the last 18 years. It all started with some headaches and tooth pain (my parents never really took me to doctors or...