shortness of breath

  1. H

    Why Fibromyalgia Pain Feels Different

    For Amy Mullholand, simple chores like washing the dishes or making breakfast can be incredibly challenging. “On a good day, I can get through the cups and the silverware, then I must sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Then I tackle the bowls. Then I sit and rest,” said Mullholand. “On a bad...
  2. L

    Could it be Fibro?

    Hello. This is my first post. I'll try to make it as short as possible. I should start off by saying that I suffer from hypochondria and anxiety. Around the middle of October, I started to get really bad stomach pains that would wrap around to my lower back. I thought maybe it was because I was...
  3. R

    Gabapentin Reaction

    A few weeks ago I was prescribed Gabapentin to help with sleep. Earlier this week I was taken to the ER for what was thought to be an allergic reaction to the new med. In truth some of my symptoms were caused by the Gabapentin but not the serious ones. While in the ER blood panels were done...
  4. Trellum

    Very worried and tired

    Hi guys! Time to vent again or else I might explode! This year I have to get a lot check ups done, been having throat ache for a bit and need to get that checked. I have the nasty habit of looking up symptoms online: bad idea! I always end up getting nervious when I do that, but I end up...
  5. C

    shortness of breath, fast heart rate?

    Does anyone here get shortness of breath and fast heart rate as part of their fibro? I know I've lost some cardio fitness since I got sick two years ago, but before that I was very active, and even with the fibro, I'm not bed-bound (I work full time). Lately, though, I've been noticing that...
  6. X

    New and concerned!? Help

    Hey there everyone. I'm Therese. I'm 21 years old. I'm new to this forum. Came for advice and maybe some answers about what has been going on with me that past couple months. I haven't yet gone to a rheumatologist to confirm FM, but my primary doctor seems to think that's what I have. All the...
  7. C

    Having some symptoms, looking for opinions

    Hi. I would like to give you a history of what I have experienced over the past year and 2 months. (previously healthy, no medical conditions what so ever) April 22 2012. I went to emerg because I was experiencing dizziness and my upper arms and upper legs were tingling. Multiple tests were done...