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    What has worked for you? Help

    I'm new here. I was diagnosed with RA 7 years after I started having symptoms in 2007. I started having relief but then I began to have pain again. My SED rates (inflammation) were perfect so my Rheumatologist started changing my meds. Nothing worked for 2 years. One day a student working with...
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    How to bring your pain level from a 12 to a 3

    Hi everyone l am new to these threads, l have suffered with fybromyalgia for the last 15 years and have now finally been diagnosed. l really wanted to share this with you, l used to suffer with the most excruciating pain it was so bad that l would be sobbing in the mornings with the pain unable...
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    What worked for us

    I have no financial ties to any products mentioned here, and no association other than being a member, with any websites that I may mention. If I mention them, it is only because I, as a mother of a child diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CRPS and CFS/ME, have found them to be helpful. My...
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    NEW HERE!! Question!

    Hi everyone! I've had fibromyalgia for at least 18 years. Probably longer. But lately when I wake up I feel so achy and chilled like I have a very bad flu. I also get very red cheeks like I'm running a high fever. I am single and have to work and it's getting so extremely difficult. It's like...