1. N

    severe oral pain?

    Hello, all! I just developed a new and extremely painful symptom. seemingly overnight. A couple of days ago I noticed a sore inside my lower lip, right at the base of my gums. It was pretty painful but I figured it would go away in a couple of days. I've had canker sores before and I know they...
  2. twiztc

    Am I going to enjoy a happy day?

    My niece is getting married tomorrow and all the family and friends will be there. I've been looking forward to it for so long. Today im not doing so well though. I have had a mental headache for over a week, been feeling like i've had a cold for about two weeks and thought maybe its allergies,I...
  3. cinderr

    If One Area of Pain could Disappear, Which One?

    You have a genie or a guardian angel or a fairy godmother. She can make one, just one, sore area go away--which one? For me, I would hope my hips would evaporate, in more ways than one! If they were smaller, it might help. If the pain would go away, I would be much obliged! It's sometimes hard...
  4. P

    The Am I Crazy stage?

    Hey, everyone I am hoping everyone is having a good night so far, its been a few weeks since I been online. But I had to come and ask the ? am I loosing my mind? my neck my body feels sore, I feel tired even if I sleep good. The last four days it hurts if I move to fast. I feel 80 year old...