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    New forumite, diagnosed in October

    Hi! I was diagnosed at the very start of October. I've been living with the symptoms for years now, but the process is finally finished. What sucks the most is that I wasn't prepared for it. I'd been feeling like it was likely for so long, but when I actually got the diagnosis, I couldn't help...
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    Hospital ?

    Has anyone been to the hospital due to their fibromyalgia pain? This week has been horrible for me. I have been in so much pain (all over my whole body) from the neck down. I haven't even been able to shower in 5 days. Sleep has been sporadic. Now I'm getting really emotional (crying). My...
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    is this fibro? please help

    Hey everyone! I have a question about fibro that I recently got diagnosed with and curious if I really have it. I'm a 28yo male and I have been having issues for a little over a year. It all started with abdomen pain and tenderness in my abdomen. Then I stated having pains in my chest. Not deep...
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    Different pain. Also fibro?

    July 2014 I started having sharp shooting pains so intense my limb would spasm. It would happen anywhere, totally unprovoked. My arm, then my foot, the in my chest, the my hand... it was baffling and very scary for me. After relatively normal blood tests, EMG, MRI of brain & c-spine I was...
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    New here

    I have had some odd symptoms for the past 2 years. It started with an itchy, tingling scalp and sporadic stinging sensations mainly on upper body( forearms, hands). Sometimes it feels like I have fiberglass insulation touching my skin, ants biting, etc. This sometimes goes into remission and...
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    New With Fibromyalgia

    I am 43 and just found out that I have Fibromyalgia, I am currently on Gabapentin, and its just 900 mg at night, however, it helps the initial pain that I started out having, however I get new pain. So it is like the pain is shifting, and I do not like it. my RA Dr. informed me of this...
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    need help any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is well. I have reached my twelve months of troubling symptoms and still no answer to a diagnoses, been cleared of MS, ALS so thought maybe i would see if any of these symptoms appear in fibromyalgia..i am a 28 year old male... symptoms: I have lots of pain signalling...