1. K

    New member here

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for awhile for a support group for Fibro. I have no doctor support really at the moment. My GP is getting tired of hearing about my issues and specialists so far are not all that helpful. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago following a car accident by a...
  2. Ma(x)2

    Here Goes The Neighborhood

    Hey Everyone! I don't mean to come-off overly clinical but for ease of reading and to keep a long (oh, so very long) story short, I will do a quick synopsis of my stats and diagnosis. Let's see...I'm an overweight (okay fat) white gay (far from fabulous but still sometimes funny) male 45 years...
  3. S

    Help! Something is very wrong..I think fibro but not sure.

    Hi all, I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (yet) as my doctors think I'm a total hypochondriac by now. I would love to hear what you all with fibromyalgia think of my symptoms.. For the past few years I've been thinking there were several different things wrong with me but now I'm...
  4. L

    Fibro and kids

    I just recently found out some statistics that took me by surprise. When I think of fibromyalgia I think of adults having it. But did you know that for every six cases of fibromyalgia one of them is a child? It usually affects the females between the ages of 13and 15. And in alot of cases the...