1. iluvbreyers2018

    Was down for a bit today?

    I was not able to get to the website earlier today.. Thank goodness it came back, don't need another stress! ;)
  2. 1sweed

    How To Manage On A Tight Budget With Fibro

    I have always struggled with this issue as lots of times I had to make a choice between eating healthy or going to the doctor or buying medication. With any health plan this is always going to be tough for those of us that live on a very small income. My disability income is less than $500 a...
  3. vickythecat

    When should one go to a doctor?

    I know this is somewhat of a stupid question. If you feel unwell, you should go to the doctor. For certain issues, some doctors tell you to have regular check-ups, so you go back every year/6 months. But I am confused with fibro because it can cause pain at the weirdest spots. I don't know...
  4. Tipnatee N

    PTSD & Fibromyalgia

    It took me a very long time before I could even think about mentioning it. But one of the truth that I believe is that PTSD is a starter of many illnesses including fibro. Most people thinking about PTSD they think about war veterinarians , or people that lost their mind do to traumatic...
  5. D


    How does stress and anxiety affect your fibromyalgia. Is it instant pain or a response you feel a while later? Does it cause a significant body wide increase in pain or just small increase short term? Stress is a killer for me ...and pretty instant change. Just wondered how/if it affects...
  6. C

    I’ve got Fibro, too!

    Glad I found you all.. I have been recently diagnosed although I think I have had it for years and seen rheumatologists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. I have also been tested for Lupus and Lyme disease. I am hypothyroid but have been on meds for that which have have brought my levels...
  7. B


    My wife has Fibro, we knew something was off but she was just diagnosed about 4-months with Fibro. My wife was constantly misplacing things, keys, cell phones, pills etc. I finally found a simple solution to lost items; an app that helps you track items. She now has these small locators...
  8. L

    No fun no pain!

    Aarrgh! Yet another flare. It started after stress at work. My boss made me interview for a job I had been doing well for 2 years then offered it to someone with 6mths experience compared to my 10 years of experience! It's no wonder I'm stressed out. I then went to a 50th birthday party of a...
  9. M

    In Georgia. Escaping Irma

    I'm really just in shock. I posted a thread but must not have saved. We just arrived at our Hotel. Had to leave our new home . Still in boxes there. Grateful I'm here. Beyond stress so my pain and emotional well being is maxed. I know we are safe, I'm so grateful, but omg. I lived through...
  10. D

    So bad for so long

    Has anyones fibro /CFS got so bad for so long that they feel like there is no hope and depression and anxiety set in. I have been house bound for over 2 years and the stress of being like it makes me feel so unhappy and anxious like i have no control over my life at all. I have done the'...