1. B

    Researcher Interested in fibromyalgia

    Hi, My name is Ben and I am a massage/reiki therapist as well as a cell biology student at UC Davis. I have worked with clients that had fibromyalgia and am very interested in the condition and am researching new methods to provide relief and healing for those with fibromyalgia. For an...
  2. L

    Diagnosed Grad Student

    Hi everyone. I've been recently diagnosed this August after having numbness and tingling and joint pains . I'm a 23 year old student in my second year of a doctoral program and having a hard time with the diagnosis. This is my first week of the new semester and already the overwhelming tiredness...
  3. Dorchin

    I'm 16 and the doctor is sure that it's fibro.

    Hello everyone! I'm a student in Ireland. I haven't been having a great year so far. Before Easter, I was struck down with a heavy virus, I missed a week of school. I slept for hours and I couldn't do anything. Fast forward to the start of May and I suffered with severe GI problems. We all...
  4. P

    Research - Hyperbaric hope for fibromyalgia sufferers

    I found this article in the sidebar of one of my favorite newsgroups and thought I would pass it along. You can find the entire article by searching on the title (in bold below). It may not be a cure, but it is a step in isolating the problem.
  5. S

    New member and newly diagnosed

    Hi I am New here and new to this fibromyalgia. I was a full time collage student and worked full time well not no more I still do work and take care of my two year old the joy of my life. I only have my mother for support and I am 25 very independent and this illness is taking its toll on me I...
  6. S

    newly diagnosed

    Hi I am Chai I be ending dealing with this fibro for two years now and just now getting help. I did not know what bit was til now they have me on the highest dose of neronton and it is not working .I was a full time collage student and full time work plus with a two year old. I am so lost and...
  7. S


    Hi all... This is the first fibro forum I've joined, after suffering in relative silence for almost 7 years I decided it would be nice to be among my people. :razz: I am a 38 year old mother of 3, an ex-nurse, a blogger, and now a Master of Social Work student. I'm currently experiencing the...
  8. M

    New to the Site

    Hello, My name is Mehgan and I have had Fibro for about 5 years now. I was diagnosed when I was 17 and it truly had an impact on me. I went from being a straight A student to struggling to keep up with my studies do to the pain and brain fog. I am currently a full time student and after what...
  9. C


    Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to others going through the same things as me. My doctor started me on cymbalta so we'll see where that takes me. It feels good to finally have a grip on things and a diagnoses since I've...
  10. L

    I don't know where to go in life.

    I want to become a teacher and/or do cosmetology but my fibro just came back. I do have problems with my hands. I don't know if I should just go ahead and go to school to become a cosmetologist, go to become a teacher, or just not go to school for now? I already racked up 17,000 in student...