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    Hello everyone! Very glad to be here with fellow fibro sufferers. I could really use some support from people who understand the things I'm struggling with. I'm spending way too much time alone and it would be great to have some support. :)
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    My PhD study

    Hello to all who suffer with fibromyalgia. My name is Pamela and I am completing my PhD in General Psychology. I have fibromyalgia and knew that when I began the journey of obtaining my PhD, I would do my dissertation on fibro. I am interested in the descriptions of your experience with fibro as...
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    Hi I am a newbie in Queensland Australia. 46 years old. Hoping for support and advice.
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    Hi just wanted to say hello :)

    Hi everyone. thought id introduce myself and say abit about my fibro journey. I'm nearly 34 and in the UK. I first got fibro when I was 11 . so iv had it a very long time. I have two beautiful girls who are amazing. I run my own business from my home salon offering hair and nails and I can work...
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    Saying Hi

    Hi everyone Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm recently diagnosed (though suffered at least 3 yrs previously )43yr old Fibro mum who also has depression and anxiety and possible spondyloarthritis . Im a carer also for both my daughters with different diagnosis and my husband has aspergers...
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    Fogged In

    Hello fellow sufferrers! I have had fibro forever. Officially diagnosed around 2002. I have never reached out for support like this before, but to be real, I'm battling and I'm so tired. I've learned so much about how to take care of myself. But I'm ready to learn and grow with other...
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    looking for help...

    Hi everyone, I have decided to join a forum to find like minded people to help and support. I was diagnosed with CFS in 2012 and Fibro in 2017 but I starting to run out of stamina to keep pushing forward. I am mainly hoping someone has some kind of magic that can help me keep working and keep...
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    Tired of my wife being treated like a criminal

    So today on Sunday we got treated to the fun exercise of trying to get my wifes Hydrocodone script filled that helps with the break-through pain from her Fibro. She has been going down on her does and is on 3 1/2 10Mg Hydrocodone pills a day. She used to be on much higher doses of pain...
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    First time in forum vent

    This is my first time posting in public about my fibromyalgia. I was a teenager in the 90's when diagnosed. The past few years have brought more pain, injury and devastating depression and suicidal thoughts that I ever imagined. I've tried patient rehab, support groups, friends, relatives...
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    My Story

    I am a senior in college and over the past few years I’ve been discovering answers to some medical issues I was having making school and work more challenging and sometimes what I felt was impossible. First off I get migraines, some put me in the emergency room all day others kept me home from...