1. P

    New here but old to fibromyalgia

    I just found this support group and I look forward to talking to others that have fibromyalgia. I have had it for a long time. Before it was even acknowledged there was such a thing. But it has only been recently that I meet someone that had it as well. I have so many questions especially...
  2. D

    Family/friends reaction to fibro/cfs

    How do any of you feel when/if you are told or treated in subtle ways like you basically are over reacting...exaggerating....don't try hard enough....are letting your loved ones down when you are always pushing and doing your best. Or told in a critical tone you talk about your condition too...
  3. D

    NEWBIE to the forum

    I hope that I'm posting this correctly. I've never joined a group like this, but my doctor is the one that said I should find a forum for support. I chose this group because I live in the Dayton area, and my doctor is from here. I thought that might be helpful. Let me introduce myself. I...
  4. N

    Musings on Fibro - Mindset, Bodyset ?

    I have been watching a lot of uTube on fibro. Interesting stuff. I mean, hey, I feel like crap so I'm sitting around right ? I mostly watch stuff presented by doctors, medical specialists. There are some theories that our biggest problem is serotonin reception and/or dopamine receptors. I don't...
  5. C

    My chest

    Many thanks to all of you who responded to my posts. It's so good to know that there is support out there. The last few days I've been feeling worse because my chest feels tight and the fatigue has increased. I don't feel like I'm have trouble breathing but my chest feels tight and heavy...
  6. S

    G'Day All

    Hi All, My name is Nat, just joined FM Forums today. I have Fibromyalgia, diagnosed in 2012 after suffering for sometime with no answers. FM run's in my family, my FM came on full force after having surgery on my tailbone. I chose my username as Spent as I am having a bad FM day and that is...
  7. M

    Blog about being young with fibromyalgia

    I made a personal blog I would like to share. I don't see much support for young people with fibromyalgia. Some might find it whiny. It's my first post and wasn't havin a great day.
  8. C

    Fibro and working full time +

    I work full time in a high stress, mentally demanding and sometimes physically demanding job. I work with profoundly autistic high school students ages ranging 14-21. I also provide respite for a teen with profound autism on occasional evenings and weekends as well as tutor math a couple...
  9. Sagey

    Interesting article on mind body connection

    The first component of mind body science is a molecule found on the surface of all our cells in our brains and our bodies. They are so small that millions cover a single nerve cell. This first component is called a receptor, and it is attached to a cell’s outer membrane. It lies exposed to the...
  10. S

    Diagnosed Today (this is long - sorry)

    This turned out a lot longer than I intended. TLDR: After many years of chronic pain I'm adding Fibro to my growing list of medical problems. Went to see my Rheum today for my three-month checkup, she said my most recent pain is a Fibromyalgia flare-up and that we will treat me going forward...