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    weakness vs fatigue

    Fatigue of a muscle: •Physiology. The decreased capacity or complete inability of an organism, an organ, or a part to function normally because of excessive stimulation or prolonged exertion. This is what usually has been happening to me for years now. My muscle tone had been tight from...
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    New symptom: hyperesthesia - could this by fibromyalgia?

    I recently developed a new symptom: hyperesthesia. My skin is extremely sensitive to the touch. This occurs on skin on my face (eyelashes, lips, chin), in my mouth (roof, tongue), and certain places on my arm. Other symptoms I have: hyperreflexia muscle twitches muscle cramps in feet and...
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    My symptoms

    Hello everyone. I'm 35 male. 6 feet. 150 lbs Had always considered myself the model of perfect health. Never smoked, never drank. And vegetarian for 15 years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have had symptoms for almost 2...
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    Wondering about progressive symptoms

    I am asking on behalf of my wife and would sincerely appreciate input. My wife is 35 years old and has been experiencing some slowly progressive symptoms that has had me concerned. She has experienced symptoms of restless legs syndrome in the past. She also sees a rheumotologist for...