1. R

    Everything feels SO LOUD!

    Does anyone else have an issue with things feeling way too loud? I work as an engineer in a manufacturing facility and whenever they open/close the large bay doors it feels like my ear drums are going to vibrate to the point of imploding. For a while, I thought that my sensitive hearing was due...
  2. W

    Sometimes Moving Helps

    Moving your body, that is. I've had chronic inflammation and pain my whole life, but when I was injured on top of that, I went through a period where I tried to move as little as possible, because even tiny movements hurt a great deal. I seemed to develop a philosophy that it was best not to...
  3. F

    How do you get a diagnosis?

    My mother was diagnosed many years ago with fibromyalgia. I have often wondered if I may have it, too. I've looked at symptoms and seem to have most. Here are some things I am experiencing: Tired daily - many times throughout the day I will feel like I need to sleep even when I think I've...
  4. P

    New from Arizona

    Hi. My name is Linda and I'm 55. I used to be an employed engineer until this chronic pain condition killed my career a few years ago. I haven't been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I strongly suspect that's what the rheumatologist will say I when I see him next week. It took me...
  5. F

    Please help this scared future caregiver!

    Moderators: I apologize for the repost. With 230 views and no replies, I think my old post was just too long. Please feel free to delete it. Hello. Please help me. I need your help. Please forgive the long post, but know that I am grateful for your time. My girlfriend of three years was...
  6. Lana

    Fibro Fog and memory loss

    I seem to be getting worse since I was diagnosed. I am wondering if it is the Lyrica? its not just trouble speaking but also following conversations. I am having trouble concentrating on television shows and the memory loss is really difficult. My husband tells me thinks that we have done in the...
  7. J

    Pretty day outside/so why am I not out there?

    It's a gorgeous day outside and I so LOVE to be outside enjoying the spring weather...but NO, I'm laying in bed watching television because I'm SO tired...Now I've been getting lots of good sleep lately but this fibro flare is kicking my butt! I've helped a neighbor two mornings in a row with...
  8. Robin55

    TV Shows

    I'm not sure if this is a hobby necessarily, but it is in a way for me, but also research for writing screenplays. Plus, I just love being taken into another reality in order to escape my own for a while. I have so many fav shows, but the ones I'm into the most are: Friday Night Lights-even...
  9. MercyL


    One of the few pleasures I have left is watching great comedy. Not the sitcoms that broadcast television networks hype with every new season, but comedy featuring irony, satire, and/or British humor. I like smart comedy, produced with writers understanding that their audience isn't stupid...