throat pain

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    Hello all, thank you for this space to talk. It’s my first message in any kind of forum so I’m a total newbie. I was diagnosed in the new year and have been taking a low dose antidepressant (nortriptyline) since then and have since last month been suffering with raw/ painful dry throat which can...
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    Activity and exercise levels when very young

    I was just watching the video on Fibro Anxiety and depression that David posted in the new section. the lady refers to feeling like she always felt fibro was lurking even when she was young. I know there are many people, more so it seems on the forum lately who have fibro full blown in their...
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    Chronic throat pain/lymph glands

    Hi, I've had chronic throat pain for about 18 months, in the last 4 months been diagnosed with C.F.S. I'm on painkillers, nothing works. Had thyroid checks, all clear, tried herbal medicines, regular acupuncture, nothing is really working. Is anyone else going through the same pain? If so can...
  4. D for the ladies

    Hi girls. I am almost 56 but still having periods. I missed a couple this summer for the first time in 44 years but they have come back. As you all know from all my posts my fibro is off the scale daily for months and i am struggling with stress. I am weepy as i am in so much the...
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    Hello guys, I'm with FM & new to group. Hope to learn more from all of you.

    Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia slightly more than 10 yrs ago. Been fighting it since then. Had very bad pain, insomnia, bladder prblms etc (whatever the FM package has I suppose). Got better with exercise and eating healthy. (After wasting money in a lot of multi level marketing products)...