1. A


    Fibromyalgia-diagnosed Hello everyone, My name is Athina and i am from Greece. I am 28 years old and recently before a month and a half i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,afer 5 years of endless running to the doctors for pain in the hands, in my back, in my legs and making all kind of exams...
  2. D

    New here

    I was diagnosed in 2006 and things have only gotten worse since diagnosed. Currently seeing a pain doctor who I feel is clueless about Fibromyalgia and wants to try the following treatments on me,some kind of shots in pain areas,which if I do that,then I'll be getting upwards to 12-15 shots...
  3. vickythecat

    Remarks from doctors - that hurt real bad

    Hi, After many years of living as a recluse, I finally started going to doctors and getting referrals to see specialists. From the 1st doctor I went to; while in a full blast panic attack, these are the remarks she made; - "you should start working" (yeah because I finished an ivy league...
  4. C

    Health writer - Seeking women living with fibromyalgia

    I am a health writer and woman living with fibromyalgia. I am creating a website to help other women living with fibromyalgia and am looking for feedback on the content. If you are interested in providing me with your thoughts and comments on newsletters, articles and chapters of new e-books...
  5. S

    Have you tried Cryotherapy or Whole Body Infrared Light Therapy?

    My husband and I are researching these alternative therapies thinking we are going to open a recovery center specializing in this. Our research suggests that both treatments are highly beneficial for relief of fibromyalgia symptoms. However, I want to hear first hand from more people who have...
  6. 1sweed

    "Fibromyalgia: New Insights, New Hope" Part 1

    Study about Fibromyalgia, provides new insight into what it is and possibilities of treatment. Show in medical terms but easy to understand.
  7. Tipnatee N

    Lobkos way's secret and new treatments for fibro

    Here's the moment Lubkos way have been waiting for to tell us. Drum rolls .... Presenting to you Lubkos way ... ( PS. this is't my post)
  8. P

    Shiatsu massage therapy

    Hi all, I just started getting massage therapy treatments from a practitioner recommended by a friend of mine (who also has fibro). She mostly does shiatsu and has experience with Fibro patients. I've done two treatments so far. She uses gentle pressure, and while I can't tell if it's helping...
  9. W

    Can Surgery cause fibromyalgia/CFS and does using CPAP machine make the pain worse?

    40ish male, not over wieght and still working Quick History, 2014 cancer surgery, tumour removed, skin flap, graph. 2015 apporx 18 months later, rapid weakness, vision and muscle fatigue issues 2016 after MS clinic, Neurology, rheumatology, multiple MRI's every known body scan, blood test...
  10. S

    Looking for information on an old experimental treatment for Fibromyalgia / CFS

    I hope this is allowed here, I picked this forum vs the Alternative Treatment one for wider views in the hope I can get my questions answered. I'm 43 and I've had Fibromyalgia since I was around 15, in other words I've had it for so long that I remember when it was classified as a mental...