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    new member

    Hello I am new to this forum and would like to make a comment on something i read before joining, I agree with the women Wendy who said she had been in other forums & or chats RE; Fibromyalgia that hadn't been what she was looking for. I too have had the same experience and hope that this one...
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    frustrated with generic symptoms

    Hi, I am new to this site but reading the posts has helped me feel like I am not alone. My journey started in Aug 2009. I had generic symptoms, starting with swelling in my hands and fatigue. I have been to several specialists each time a "new" symptom would appear and every test would come...
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    Continuing to Slide

    It's been about three weeks since I posted. Thanks for everyone's support to this point. My symptoms of weakness, heaviness, atrophy, loss of muscle tone continue. Since my last post, my arms and hands seem more effected. Stiffness in a few fingers, wrist, and the muscle between the thumb and...
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    venting fears

    Thank you, so much for starting this thread. Not only does it help us vent about our fears, but it gets others to think and offer plans, advise and support. Nspoc has some great ideas and is truly a wonderful person. I can't see anybody I know doing this for me. They all seem to have lives...