1. N

    Has anyone had breast reduction/lift with Fibro?

    Hi all, You don't know me. I'm new to the forum. I can't type very long on the computer because of my severe Fibro condition. So, I've mostly been just lurking around. But now I have a question... First, let me say that I have large (36D or DD) breasts and have not been able to wear a bra for...
  2. iluvbreyers2018

    Was down for a bit today?

    I was not able to get to the website earlier today.. Thank goodness it came back, don't need another stress! ;)
  3. C

    Health writer - Seeking women living with fibromyalgia

    I am a health writer and woman living with fibromyalgia. I am creating a website to help other women living with fibromyalgia and am looking for feedback on the content. If you are interested in providing me with your thoughts and comments on newsletters, articles and chapters of new e-books...
  4. B

    Tired of my wife being treated like a criminal

    So today on Sunday we got treated to the fun exercise of trying to get my wifes Hydrocodone script filled that helps with the break-through pain from her Fibro. She has been going down on her does and is on 3 1/2 10Mg Hydrocodone pills a day. She used to be on much higher doses of pain...
  5. 1sweed

    Trying To Be Happy Today

    I thought I would start a thread where we can all share one thing a day that made us happy and made us smile and had a kind word we wanted to share with other members. Often we rush through our days and never give a lingering thought about the few things that made us happy, made us smile, or...
  6. L

    Having terrible pain

    Hello Every one happy I found this website looking forward to learning more about fibromyalgia pain and helping others who have question>
  7. 1sweed

    Interesting Read

    I got a magazine in the mail called Pain-Free Living, and it has a good article in it by a doctor Abraham Rivera, M.D., called Perplexed By Pain. In the article he talks about how hard it is to find reasons for pain and it usually becomes a process of elimination being the only way doctors can...
  8. Sagey

    Interesting article on mind body connection

    The first component of mind body science is a molecule found on the surface of all our cells in our brains and our bodies. They are so small that millions cover a single nerve cell. This first component is called a receptor, and it is attached to a cell’s outer membrane. It lies exposed to the...
  9. C

    Fibro test, tightness in your chest, Cymbalta

    Hi - I am still trying to determine if I have Fibro or not (see my post in do I have fibro) folder. I DO know I don't have Lupus or Rheumatoid arthritis or Lymes, Epstein Barr, Parvo, Hepatitis C and some other things my doc ran tests for. My symptoms began in my hands (which continue to...
  10. P

    marine phytoplankton claims to be "effective in treating" fibro: overly optimistic?

    marine phytoplankton claims to be "effective in treating" fibro: overly optimistic? Has anyone heard of marine phytoplankton supplements? I hadn't until my mom started telling me about this powder she was taking that was supposed to be great for... well... all kinds of things. She's using a...