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  1. H

    Weight loss/management - sorry for the long one

    I know this has been discussed but the threads are quite old. So December 21/January 22 i started on amitriptiline which felt like a miracle in a bottle i had my first pain free days in i couldnt even remember how long and this medication was effective till flare up that started with a throat...
  2. A

    Diagnosed Today

    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I am 28 years old. I was just diagnosed with fibro by my rheumatologist today. All of the symptoms and diagnostic criteria fit what I've been dealing with over the last year and now everything makes total sense. I had a hip arthroscopy to fix a labral tear and...
  3. T

    24 y/o male with fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

    I am a 24 year old male from the United States and I am in the process of being diagnosed/treated for something that has been described to me (by doctors) as fibromyalgia related. For most of my life, I have had mild anxiety and depression and was most recently diagnosed with GAD. When I was...
  4. Tipnatee N

    Question have anyone ever try the coca leaf tea, or coca leaf weight loss pills?

    I have been doing lidocaine research on the origin of it , with no luck of knowing exactly where it started . But instead I came across to coca leaf products . Which to my surprise it's quite interesting. :shock: Many people drinking the coca leaf tea as the alternative to coffee, or as the...
  5. M

    Weight Rollercoaster

    Because the internet views rapid weight loss as a good thing, It's been nearly impossible for me to research anything on this. Does anyone experience extreme weight fluctuations, more so loss than gain? I always read about how fibro causes your metabolism to slow and you gain weight. This has...
  6. P

    Random symptoms: Fibro related or not?

    Hi all, As with any new diagnosis, you start to wonder if all kind of other things are related. There are a few symptoms I've noticed that may or may not be related to Fibro (or Celiac) but wanted to ask about: 1. rapid weight loss: I've lost 10lb since March! This is a good thing, since I'd...
  7. R

    Pain medications with no prescription required

    No Advertising On This Forum. No Medications Sold Here.
  8. C

    Diagnosis finally gives me some relief

    Hi, I've had fatigue and muscle pain for many years, I've been previously told by Drs and friends I was too stressed, too fat, too inactive, and that I complained too much! i did everything the Drs suggested and more...and when it didn't help I was told I complained too much. I was diagnosed...
  9. EllaForgotten

    My personal Topamax story & pain.

    So, I was looking around the web for options to talk to my doctor(s) about with regards to fibromyalgia and ran across a link for Topamax. I was on Topamax over a year ago for neuropathy, and... it has just occurred to me that the pain began to get worse and worse AFTER I stopped taking it...
  10. T

    Do these symptoms check out?

    Hello, I'm 27 and, after looking up the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I'm wondering if I may not be suffering from it. I also looked up some of the possible causes of fibro. I'll begin when the symptoms started, after I had a mRSA infection at the age of 22. The doctors surgically removed the...