1. E

    problems with cymbalta?

    curious if anyone else has problems with cymbalta, and if they tried another medication that helped. i started on 30 mg, went up to 60 after 3 weeks. it does help some with the pain however, i couldn't sleep. we moved the med to the morning and that helped but then my depression tanked right...
  2. F

    Way to young for this

    Hello everyone. My name is Meghan, I'm 23 and I've been working with my doctor for the past couple of months and I think we're nearing a diagnoses of Fibromyalgia. My mother has it and starting about two years ago I started showing similar symptoms. I'm hoping that finding some kind of...
  3. K

    New to the forum

    Hello. I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on 12/2015. I had symptoms for years before that. I am a working single mom with two kids ages 9 and 11.
  4. L

    Just to say "Hello" I'm new here.

    I've been researching so many sites to find out if Fibro can cause pins,like fire on one toe but numbness and tingling on both feet up my legs. They seem to be worse at night while lying flat but during the day also. This morning I noticed both legs are burning half way up my legs. I have gone...
  5. I

    yesterday, sad day of mourning

    im posting because im not on face or any other site and this is close and very important to me! yesterday was a bad terrible day for law enforcement we lost two of our brothers on very cruel horrible ways that make me sick! i was alarm response i worked with cops every night i was and am...
  6. D

    Anyone try a plant based diet?

    My new acupuncturist placed me on a strictly raw veggie diet (sans nightshades) for the past week. That's right, salads only, no fruit, no grains, no nuts, no cooking, just RAW VEGGIES. I used to be a serious carnivore and a terrible eater of processed foods and sugars. I've been working on a...
  7. C

    how to help a family member with fibromyalgia

    I have found that there are many family members that come to this site looking to find ways to help their family member cope with fibromyalgia. Below you will find some suggestions that will help you. Please try them and come back to our forum and tell use how it helped you and the member of...
  8. junebug

    No support at home!

    Hi everybody! My name is Sierra, I just turned 18, and I've had fibro for about 5-6 years now, but was only finally diagnosed last year. My symptoms are very advanced, to the point where I barely function, and am having trouble holding my job at a fast food restaurant (not because they want to...
  9. L

    Disability "independant Medical review" - Has anyone been through this really anxious

    Disability "independant Medical review" - Has anyone been through this really anxious Hi everyone, I have been on disability for about 7 months now. I currently have a neurologist, rheumatologist, GP and a pain specialist that are working with me. I was diagnosed last may, but have been...