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Jun 27, 2013
Hello everyone!
It's been about a year now since my diagnoses. I am very thankful that I no longer feel that I'm on death's doorstep. I came from being in very bad shape, very depressed, frustrated, and just about worthless. I was unable to work and living off of savings while I frantically tried to find a doctor to help me. After what seems like hundreds of doctors appointments, I was referred to a specialist and put on norco, lyrica, celexa, and most recently Elavil.
I feel much better than I did months ago, but still do not have the quality of life I am looking for. My fingers, back, legs, knees and feet are in quite a bit of pain, even after 7 norcos and plenty of ibprophin. I am tired, sore, sleep too long and wake up tired. I work as a server and bartender so I'm on my feet for eight hours a day. I keep "having to use the bathroom" where I go to sit down on the floor to rest my legs, knees and feet. I'm afraid of being fired for needing to sit down so often. I haven't brought up my conditions to the owner or manager for fear of them concluding that I won't be fast and active enough to keep up.
I've been in the resteraunt and bar industry my whole life and don't have the training or experience to get an office job that will accommodate my physical needs, at least probably not one that would make the money I do while bartending.
My doc put me on temporary disability, but when I got my approval and statement the number was so low that it would so much as pay half my rent, so I turned it down and continued working.
I moved to LA in hopes of making more money while having access to hundreds of doctors and specialists. Right now I am only able to afford to see a pain clinic, so that I can get the pain pills I need to be able to stand up for eight hours a day at my nearly full time job.
I probably need to be seeing a specialist or ruemologist exclusively or in addition to.
Currently my life consists of sitting on my couch or laying flat on the floor when I'm not working. I've always been very active, thin and gym going. Now I'm basically on bed rest unless I'm at work, unhappy, and gaining weight. I don't really know where to go from here. I don't want to be on disability because I enjoy working and need structure; unless I could use disability to complete my bacholers degree in Buisness Managment and finally get that office job. I'm not sure the process in which to receive perm meant disability anyway, but I could really use a handicap placard for my car because of the severity of my leg pain.
This has turned out to be a rather long post and I thank you sencirely for reading it. I am so appreciative of any information, leads, tips, experiences, ect that could help me to gain more insight or to help me in anyway possible.
Thank you!
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