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Jul 8, 2013
well mine started around 18 but i just thought i was a working, mother and choked it up that the pain was caused from a bad bed, bad shoes excuse one right after another. I was taken advantage of when i was 13 and now have a beautiful 23 year old that i made into a very positive situation ( PRO-LIFE ) . Got married for the first time 19 years ago then i had to file for a divorce in 7/2000 it started to progress a little more due to being a single mother of three and then my grandfather burned to death in front of my eyes screaming for me in 12/2003 witch cause PTSD. My family had a very close friend that ODED in June 2011 then My brother in law lost his life 8/2011 due to a motor cycle accident i had to hold my sister over his body at the hospital UGH... son moved 1500 hundred miles away at 16 with his father i have not since laid eyes on him and the only time i hear from him is when he wants money.... My Daughter moved out on 8/2011... My Mentally retarded step daughters mother passed away in her sleep December 2012. My fourteen year old's child hood best friend / neighbor died in an auto accident on 3/2012. I caught my Current husband cheating on me in 2009 My one and only best friend of 15 years came and lived with me for 10 months and now we dont even speak she just moved out the end of May 2013 and i have to admit my life has been nothing more than a living hell no one to talk to and with all this i am at the point that there is no relief with the pain, Chronic Fatigue, etc etc. All i can manage to do is lay in bed and cry and pray that god takes me soon So yes i totally agree that mine was caused by my many life traumatic event thanks for listening!
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