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Oct 11, 2017
isle of wight
s diagnosed with fibro and am taking duloxetine 20mg twice a day. The pain is really bad at the moment and the tablets dont seem to help. I wake up with severe pain in my feet and it lasts all day i cant stand for too long. Also ive got pain on my arms and hands too. I go to bed exhausted every night but dont sleep as the pain keeps me awake. My whole body seems to hurt at the same time. But i am really struggling with my feet and arms at the moment. it is interefering with my work too.
Any advice would be appreciated
There're lots of option in terms on pain relieve on this site cause everybody are different even though the pain sounds the same.

Like I can't stand on my feet for too long do to sharp pains and bad tremor. My arms have no strength and often hurt like I've been lifting weight for 3 days without doing any. But my pains might coming from completely different problem than you are experiencing entirely.

For me I prefer carefully selecting my diets with high alkaline. taking Mineral salt bath like dead seasalt or baking soda , I often add aspirin to my baking soda bath but that just my choice. Also finding the right supplements to help such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, D3 , K2 , B12, B6, C, iron ,or herbal inflammatory supplement such as turmeric, or selenium food to boost your immune system such as brazil nut which also can help with sleeping. Some people use cbd oil for pain relieving which works great too. If you find just the correct one for you it would help tremendously on every day problems. It's something that you need to work on your own research and trying these and that till you got it customize just for you.

Sometime I use ice pack for burning pains. Or heating pad, heat wrap , microwavable grain pillow , if you get cold easily then heat is your best friend.

Exercise help depending on how well you can move especially the low impact type . With severe fatique and my trouble balancing , I often goes for tai chi cause I need all the help with my poor circulation and oxygen intake. Cause good circulation also mean lesser pains. Lots of people love yoga for stretching . Stretching other parts of body can lesser the pains for later. etc
Sorry to hear you are suffering, but you are at the right place. We here know exactly what you are going through.

First of all, though it is really hard to accept, it is very important to acknowledge that fibro is a chronic illness and the solution is almost never one medication or one therapy. It will be a lifelong ... well, let's call it a journey.

So speaking from personal experience only, it is very important to accept your new reality. I fought it for many years and that only made me more sick. This will not happen overnight obviously.

Then there is communicating real well with your doctor. This is still a work in progress for me, I now decided to write things in a sort letter and hand it over to the doctor (I suffer from serious social anxiety and have the tendency to run away when things get overwhelming!). Keep an open mind about medications and therapies.

It takes a long time for one medication/therapy to work, so give them some time to know and heal your body. And some meds simply do not work, but don't despair.

It is also very important to keep physically strong. I know it is very very hard, but try to build up stamina/muscle/endurance. This does not mean you need to go run, go to the gym, start bulking up, instead it means doing basic exercises for those parts of your body that are weak. Like in your case, your feet. Buy good shoes, use insoles and avoid standing up long periods of time. Sitting down do massages, and simply feet/leg exercises (youtube has real great video's). It definitely also helps to ask the help of a physical therapist.

Learn to accept your limits, pace yourself, work around the new you and give yourself time off. (this can be hours, days, even weeks). Focus on doing fun stuff, stuff you enjoy. Real joy is often in little things in life - a nice cuppa, a good book, 15 minutes of quiet, being in nature, listening to music etc. These things become more important than ever when we are dealing with pain and fatigue. all the best....
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