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Feb 3, 2013
ok, so today as far as pain is concerned im having and ok day.
what i want to ask you is do you have ok days but where everthing annoys the shit out of you?
for instance my bra lasted all of two hours- had to get that off.
my trousers and my underpants seem to be at odds with each other, the culmination of which makes me feel like i have on a barbed wire thong...backwards!
My little boots which are normally very comfy seems to be cutting off the curculation to my feet.
My very eyelashes are irritating me to the point i want to pull every single one out and i dont have all that many anyway.
Its so annoying yet i find i'm laughing to myself at the ridiculousness of it all.
I'm with you! Me and bras just don't get along - which is bad, considering I'm a D-cup. I've honestly just gotten to the point where I don't care unless I'm going out somewhere other than the doctor's office. If there's a chance that they're going to ask me to take it off I just don't bother because with my shoulders and hands, it's too much struggle to put it on, take it off, and put it back on again in a short period of time.

Yesterday and today I've had a tiny, pinpoint little itch on my the very edge of my right nostril that just won't stop.

And noise. There's a lot of days I'm just hypersensitive to noise. I don't go out a lot because the noise bothers me. Sometimes I get almost irate at how long it takes the landscapers to weedwhack and leaf blow around my apartment since they come right up to the front and back door to blow patios and walkways clear. I just sit there and grind my teeth! Others, I just want to scream at my husband to /stop talking/. Often when he's not home I'll sit in the quiet with no TV or radio, or youtube videos. Nothing going. Just me and what I'm reading.
Don't get me started on noise. I find people talk way too loud. Machinery drives me nuts. I think I listen to my music loud until hubby decides to listen to his tunes downstairs and I have to shout at him for being a deaf bastard. He has the TV too loud for me too.
god I must be a ***** to live with! Lol
And yet, we're supposed to be fully capable of holding down gainful employment. I have NIGHTMARES of being at my job prior to my last one, which was less stressful but way, way more physically demanding (Sure, sure, SSD DARS folks, i can move boxes of paper, riiiiiight). If I have anxiety attacks from just -dreaming- about being at work, how in the world would I actually survive in a work environment these days?
I understand that bra thing. sometimes I have such pain in the area of my chest under my bra band that I just can't stand to wear one. Of course I am always worried someone will notice as I don't like points sticking out either. lol So I wear extra teeshirts.

The life of fibro.
I don't like loud noises either and can not stand movies with loud exploding car crashes or screaming women. I don't mind lawnmowers but can not stand weedwhackers or 4 wheelers racing through my backyard.

Maybe we need to invest in ear plugs or headsets and go sit in a corner away from everyone else, and hum when they come by so they all think we are listening to our favorite tunes.

Some days it is our clothes and other days it is our skin that feels buggy or cheepy crawly. Been there and been considered a ***** too I am sure. Hope your feeling better twiztc.
Bras. It very seldom I wear one as I have a lot of those soft cheaply made boob covers I call them. They have a bit of padding to cover the sticky out bits. But once in a while I get it into my head to wear a proper bra and deep down I just know it's a silly idea.
Yeh those tingly skin crawly day get me too. I just wanna peel it off with a potato peeler... grrrr
I feel EVERYTHING. I might have a hair that fell out of my head that brushes against my arm or leg or something, and it hurts. It feels so heavy. I constantly feel like I have wet dripping down my skin, although there is nothing there. Socks around my ankles really bug me, if they aren't loose enough, it will give me some pretty strong pains.
My wedding ring hurts my hand, but I want to wear it.
Sitting in this chair all day at work, THAT is my biggest annoyance. I feel like I cannot get comfortable. Propping my feet up, nope, chair raised/lowered, nope, move my monitor and keyboard for different angles, nope... How do I work for 9 hours when I feel like the job is causing the pain? OK lol I went on a little too much of a rant... sorry!
I am glad to hear that you can laugh through all of this. Being positive and finding the humor in unlikely situations really does help. I totally hear what you are saying about bras. Not that I blame my poor bra, it has a tough job since I' ve gotten older..LOL. And I love my kitty cat. But why is it he waits till I am at the keyboard to decide he needs attention. I shoo him off my keyboard and he decides to play in the garbage bag. My legs, my knee in particular just never stops hurting. but I try to find ways to keep my mind occupied, and keep my spirits high.
Here I thought it was only me that gets irritated by the smallest of things. I have a very sensitive nose and even the smallest of smells can send me over the edge, and turn me from the most normal person into a terror. Some of the other things that irritate me is scratchy or uncomfortable shoes and clothes. Noise is a killer, and I have had quite a few disputes with my husband and kids about noise, even the washing machine and kettle have gotten some snide remarks from my irritation states.

My biggest problem when I am irritated is that I go completely sarcastic, and everything and everybody gets their share. Luckily my hubby doesn't seem to mind the sarcasm too much, he just waves it off.
I definitely can understand what everyone is talking about. I think the irritability is just a side effect of everything that we have to deal with. I mean, think about everything that we go through on a daily basis? Who wouldn't be a little bit crabby and frustrated?

I find that sometimes when I'm having a good day as far as pain, when something does hurt, like my bra or something of the sort, it gets to me more than if I was having a bad day with pain. When I'm having a bad day, I tend to have a real bad "screw it" attitude. You know, "Of course my bra hurts me too now, everything else hurts, screw it, why not?" When I'm having a good day, it upsets me that much more when something starts to bother me because if it wasn't hurting, I might actually be able to see what it's like to be an almost normal person. If that makes any sense. lol. Half the time when I'm talking about my fibro I feel like I'm just mumbling words and hoping they make sense because it's so hard to describe.

Anyways, we feel your pain here and I'm also glad that you can laugh at yourself. It really does help to have that positive outlook! Keep your chin up =)
I know what you mean D. if im all over hurting its definately a case of , "go on pile it on, if i cant cope i'll be dead anyway so I dont give a shite"
If your having a relatively good day its like"o come on! what the hell give me abreak ferchrissake!"
I hate my nasal problems. I have this constant nasal congestion, it's always in either one side or the other throughout the day, it's not because I'm sick because I have no other symptoms this a is a daily "normal" thing for me. Whenever I sleep it gets way worse and when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, I realize that when I go back I can't breathe through my nose. So when I wake up in the mornings my voice isn't so much as groggy as my nose is completely congested.
"Rehab/Therapy" places that try to hard-sell. I shouldn't have to tell a person "no, I can't afford your services since you're not covered by insurance" -three- times and then hang up on them when they still don't listen. Finding treatment shouldn't mean dealing with the worst stereotypical used sales carsmen-types in the process.
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