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Feb 20, 2014
Hi all,

As I stated in another post, I was diagnosed back in 1994 with fibro after tearing
up my upper back muscles on the job.
This caused my fibromyalgia which I learned to deal with untreated.
Last May I had my bladder removed due to cancer and now even though I am
"cancer free" I am in bad shape.
I had peed blood for over 5 years and paid out of pocket for multiple doctors
before FORCING a urologist to find my cancer though I was almost dead
at that point from blocked kidneys causing severe kidney failure.
Not only do most people who had this surgery take longer than a lot of doctors
say to recover, it had messed up my sleeping patterns more than before and
my fibro has never been worse.
Apparently it doesn't take much else to set it off as ALL of you already know.
Less pain but more fatigue and certainly quicker to get muscle pain and sweat
when doing anything.
A few times a week it takes two naps to make it through the day even when I do
little to nothing but I need one daily to even get 7 hours a day sleep.
Been out of work since 2012 and now realize that I am not in any shape at all
to work and don't have the power any more to try to force myself.
I have no insurance and wonder if anyone has been able to get a cheap specialist
to give a diag to someone who is self pay?
I am at the point of needing SSDI and will not stop until I get no matter what I have to
do to get there, just like the worker's comp people who did everything they could to
help the insurance company not pay what they should.
I have a lot of stories of lying and straight up incompentent doctors so I have zero
tolerance for any more of their BS, they have almost killed me and cost me too much.
At this point I need a ethical doctor who can help me and I can no longer tolerate any BS
from any doctor.

Call me a liar, get cussed, call me a head case, get cussed, tell me I am fine, get cussed.
Tell me I have MS or that a MRI is "very painful" and this time you will learn a lot of new words that are not for anyone respectable to hear.
You might say that 20 years of fibro and almost dying of cancer has given me the symptom
of hate and intolerance to doctor's BS about my health.

Sorry so long, this is my story and I am sticking to it.....


Feb 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum. I would love to tell you of a great nice doctor to go to, but as you realized they are in short supply. I was wondering if they have Family Health Centers in SC? When I was in Florida, these clinics were in every town and provide some care to those of us with no health insurance. while not all the doctors had compassion it was possible to go to another such clinic in another close by town to see a different doctor, plus you could get referrals to specialists in the closest city.

I hope you enjoy using the forum to learn new coping ideas and to help others with their problems, plus make some new friends along the way. Might be someone else on the forum knows of a doctor near you who would be willing to see someone by self-pay. I do hope you get to see a good rheumatologist and get the treatment and diagnosis you need. I also hope very much that you can get SSD or SSI, to help you be able to provide yourself the care you need.

Look forward to reading your posts and glad you found the forum. :)
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